Getting into the festive spirit: Alastair Hendy's Christmas House in Hastings

Food writer and stylist Alastair Hendy has created a Tudor escape in the middle of Hastings’ Old Town. The Christmas House, or 135 All Saints Street, is one of the most complete Tudor houses in Hastings. Hendy has meticulously stripped it back to its original form, transforming the former town mortuary into a cosy haven of open log fireplaces and traditional enclosed wooden beds. Stepping into the low door, you really are taken back in time. For fives pounds entry fee, you get to see this lovingly restored project, plus a little tumbler of spiced mulled wine in the kitchen.

The house is also the setting of Hendy’s fairytale, The Elves & The Baker, which is beautifully illustrated in an accompanying Christmas House storybook given on entry. The best bit being the delicious recipes in the back- mulled fruit and nut christmas chocolate bar, almond and cherry sugar hearts, flowerpot baked ginger cakes and advent pretzels.

This is the second venture of Hendy, the first is his Home Store on the High Street in Hastings Old Town (most of the images below are of the Home Store). AG Hendy & Co Home Store is a purveyor of candle sticks, vintage kitchen ware, linen tea towels and traditional tools. The back room also serves as a little kitchen or impromtu restaurant, where you can eat seaside delights such as cod fish stew, soused cucumber, fennel and black pepper, and crab bisque.

Images: Alastair Hendy

  1. Yes it was incredibly well done. It looked like no one had touched the building for years, despite Hendy working on the project for 7. Cate

  2. This interior is ready to shoot a movie in. Getting all the old machines and props must have been a real challenge. Hitchkock film decorated could learn from you.

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