Essential Tableware by Tracie Hervy

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New York-based potter and designer Tracie Hervy has created a collection of handmade ceramic tableware inspired by the simplicity of prehistoric vessels. The plates and cups could be easily mistaken for historical artifacts excavated from an archaeologist’s dig, they have the look of ancient Roman pottery, but are in fact, made from porcelain and are light and delicate. I really like how the making process is revealed with imperfections, bumpy seams and marbled colours.

“What I love about pottery is that it’s an art that can be held in the hand. It’s part of your everyday,” Tracie says, ” It doesn’t strive for a machine like perfection…one exactly like the other.  Its goals are more humanistic.  Each piece a new discovery.  They are part of the same family, generated from a similar idea, but each one attempting to explore a new possibility.”

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And objects from a previous collection..

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