Never Too Much by Kueng Caputo

Swiss-born duo Kueng Caputo’s latest collection presents a psychedelic series of hand-painted benches, stools, bowls and lights, which pay homage to the shapes of the Bauhaus, the rainbow of colours used by the Memphis Group and the paint splatters of Jackson Pollock.

Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo have worked together since they were students of design the HGKZ Zurich from 2004 to 2008. They describe their work as ‘design as response with an emphasis on understatement and improvisation’.

Never Too Much is currently on show until March 1 at New York’s Salon 94 Freemans gallery. Lined up, coupled and stacked, the chairs and benches function as sculpture, side-table and art display. The artists have paired and mirrored contrasting materials of dyed leather for the seat with traditional enamel for the base. The soft Italian leathers have been wrapped around a metal drum to give the appearance of the harder enamel below, while the skins have been naturally dried and tanned, then splattered with organic vegetable stains.

The resulting dynamic display celebrates experimentation, material play and colour. 2014_Salon94_KC_02 2014_Salon94_KC_03 2014_Salon94_KC_04 2014_Salon94_KC_05 2014_Salon94_KC_06 2014_Salon94_KC_07 2014_Salon94_KC_08 2014_Salon94_KC_10 2014_Salon94_KC_12 2014_Salon94_KC_13 2014_Salon94_KC_14 2014_Salon94_KC_17 2014_Salon94_KC_21 2014_Salon94_KC_22

  1. A truly creative and interesting collection that appeals to all your senses. I enjoyed reading your article.

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