A playful set of side tables by Cédric Canaud


Paris-based designer Cedric Canaud has designed a playful collection of adaptable side tables. They are made from panels of pine wood, sandwiched between two sheets of colourful, pasted paper, which either imitate wood, marble, glass or slate.

Easily assembled, the two panels cleverly slot together to build a column, on top of which sits a round top of cork or even foam imitation granite. Slightly kitsch and post-modern, they look great on their own, but even better in clusters, each side of the panels a different texture or pattern. (Don’t you just love the faded background wallpaper too??)

Canaud says:

The guideline was to produce an object that finds its final form when it hosts another. We explored the reproduction and half accomplished states – inviting the user to place a piece on it. To emphasise this idea of a finished piece oscillating between being finished and uncompleted, the materials used are exact mimics of other materials. This state of reproduction installs the product in an unstable appearance where the material is questioned; is the table the final product or is it a prototype?

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Images: courtesy Cedric Canaud

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