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Made By Hand W3 35 cm Anthacite black

I love sharing new design discoveries. Made By Hand is a Danish design brand that I discovered at Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. Set up in 2013, it has a passion for craftsmanship and timeless, refined products that offer ‘a sense of harmony and comfort to everyday life’. Inspired by Scandinavian traditions and styles, all the products are made – (by hand) – by local craftspeople in Denmark and abroad. I love their ethos:

At Made By Hand our design perspective is shaped by our Danish heritage blended with modern interpretations of design with a straightforward function.

The Made By Hand project is our simple manifesto for selecting the right design direction, the right designers, and the right design idea – making sure every new Made bBy Hand product lives up to our design values.

We represent a straightforward design approach with an appreciation of all the small details, the finesse and the quality work that goes into a design made by hand.

One of Made by Hand’s first products was the Workshop Lamp (first image) designed by A. Wedel-Madsen in the 1950s. He found inspiration in everyday work life: the solid and industrial shade was first used to provide the maximum amount of light for craftspeople and makers in workshops. It’s still as functional and beautiful as ever and its design has been copied a million times over. There is also the Tulip Lamp designed by Jens-Christian Jensen and inspired by the flower it is named after as well as the Porcelight by Erik Magnussen. The porcelain lights were originally designed by Louis Poulson in 1982 and then redesigned and updated by the designer in 2005. Magnussen, who originally trained as a ceramicist, liked working with delicate porcelain because it allowed for a soft diffusion of light.

I for one can’t wait to follow what this relatively new brand does in the future, if they continue with these functional, durable, timeless designs, they’re on to a winner… in the meantime, I’m off to reconsider my own dismal lighting *dreaming*…

_R5A7782 In the Workshop _R5A7827 _R5A7801 _R5A7765 _R5A1274 In the Workshop _R5A6930 Workshop family Made By Hand W4 50 cm weathered cobber
All images courtesy Made by Hand

  1. I’m liking that modern industrial feel of the interiors. Very sleek 🙂

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