Vipp's plug & play getaway


Wouldn’t it be nice just to getaway, escape the hum-drum of daily life and the rat-race of urban life? Well, Danish design company Vipp has done just that: they’ve created this sexy ‘plug & play’ 55 sq m prefabricated shelter. And they’ve thought of every little detail, from lighting to linen, from table to toilet brush, and from shelves to self dispenser. All you have to do is decide where to put it, if you have 485,000 to spare…

Prefabricated north of Copenhagen, the simple steel grid supports a two-level space with a compact bathroom, sleek, dark-toned kitchen and living space as well as a cosy bed loft. Taking 6 months to produce but just 3-5 days to install, Vipp’s CEO Kasper Egelund describes it as ‘a battery-charging stations for humans’. The starting point for the designers was going back to basics; the landscape is purposely framed by two large sliding window frames and an all-black interior lets the outside do the talking. Chief designer Morton Bo Jensen says: ‘Vipp is rooted in the manufacture of industrial objects, so the term ‘shelter’ is a typology that allows us to define this modern escape as a product inspired by large volume objects such as airplanes, ferries and submarines.’

It does look a little like a submarine has washed itself up on a lakeside, I love the moody lighting of the shots and could easily while away a weekend in front of that fire, couldn’t you? (But for now, back to reality…)

Vipp701_Kitchentable01_Low Vipp701_Detail_Shelf01_Low

and psst… I previously featured the super-sleek, New-York style loft home of Vipp chief designer Morton Bo Jensen on the blog here.

Vipp701_Fireplace01_Low Vipp701_Detail_Ladder02_Low  Vipp701_Kitchentable02_Low Vipp701_Sleepingarea01_Low Vipp701_Sleepingarea02_Low  Vipp701-Shelter-Installation-07-Low Vipp701-Shelter-Installation-08-Low Vipp701-Shelter-Kitchen-Living02-Low Vipp701_Daybed01_Low
All images: Vipp

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