Month: April 2015


Lane Twin Tone Lampshade + discount code

The other day I was talking about how I wanted to inject a bit of pale pink into my home (see the post here). I haven’t got the time just yet to get the paint brushes out but when Nottingham-based interior accessories brand Lane contacted me about their collaboration with British paint brand Little Greene, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to test that perfect shade of pink out in my living room. The two have teamed up to create the concertina-shaped Twin Tone lampshade, each shade bringing together two colours that have been carefully matched from the Little Greene collection. Made entirely out of thick paper from one of the oldest mills in the country, they come in six gorgeous colour ways, ranging from the light and bright Loft White and Orange Aurora, through the moodier Balsalt (dark blue) and Brighton (pale blue) and my personal favourite, Light Peachblossom and Carmine (dusky pink). Don’t you just love the names? Mine fits in perfectly above our small, round, white table in the living room, casting a soft haze over our meals …


Plants in the Home on Pinterest

I’ve been pinning away to my hearts content – this time with a new Pinterest board titled ‘Plants in the Home‘. There’s so many beautiful images on there that I thought I would share a few on here – there’s shelfies and exquisitely styled dressing tables, alfresco dining tables and macrame hanging planters. I already have a few small succulents (I’ve managed to kill a few in my time) and house plants dotted around the flat, and lately I’ve been concentrating on the balcony, but this has made me want a proper, big, dramatic cactus in the living room, or a fern, or ivy, so many ideas (there’s also Urban Jungle Bloggers of course for heaps of inspiration)! Anyway, please do pop over and join me on Pinterest (I’ve now got over 155,000 followers, I really can’t believe it…). Follow Cate’s board PLANTS IN THE HOME on Pinterest. via Audrey Yap via Design Milk via vtwonen via seesaw via mundadaa via Etsy via Design Love Fest via Ikea via Ikea via Simon Bajada


The Discovery of Slowness by Susanne Westphal

Susanne Westphal is a Berlin-based designer who works on the intersection of graphics and product design. These two chairs shown here, titled Wooly and Stitch, were designed to question how we want to spend our time and ponder why we have less time now than ever before, despite inventing time-saving objects and things. They are unfinished – the user is able to finish, change and modify the chair themselves by taking yarn off Wooly and threading it through the holes of Stitch. I love how Westphal describes the therapeutic concept of the chairs: ‘They [the chairs] want to hold you up for a while, to take you out of the rush of everyday life. Unwind. Decelerate. Slow down. Stop. As the sitter feeds the yarns in and out of the holes, the simple and monotonous action becomes an automatism and the user reaches the state of mental digesting – they are decelerating. You have the chance to reflect on the impressions from life. The more time you give Wooly and Stitch, the more they become comfortable and the more time you want to rest …


MOD collection by Studio Mae Engelgeer

I’ve featured the beautiful textiles of Amsterdam-based designer Mae Engelgeer before (see the post here) – she creates fresh, soft, pastel-shaded blankets, tea towels and tablecloths, with pops of vibrantly coloured yarns, such as her signature orange. She’s incredibly talented and boy would I like some of her textiles dotted around my house, especially this rug… Her new MOD collection, seen here, is minimalistic and modern with graphic patterns, line play and subtle gradients of black, midnight blue and (Pantone colour of the year) Marsala. MOD is a slightly more monochrome departure from her pastel-coloured collections so far – I love the deep, moody, grown-up feel to it. The collection was shown last week at Milan Design Week during Engelgeer’s first solo presentation. The round shaggy rug, created with design studio ICE International, particularly caught my eye – the rug’s gradient starts with undyed wool running to lilac, light grey, dark grey and a black and white melange, pierced by two contrasting lines in burgundy red.


Introducing… Native & Co

Native & Co is an independent homeware and lifestyle shop in London’s Notting Hill. Founded by two product designers, Taiwan-born Sharon Jo-Yun Hung and British-Japanese Chris Yoshiro Green, the shop specialises in crafted home products that are predominantly sourced from Japan and Taiwan. Working with small suppliers, specialist workshops and local craftsmen, they seek out simple, discrete pieces that are both functional and beautiful at the same time. Here you’ll find traditional cast iron kettles, hand-made ceramicware, canvas aprons and striped linen tea towels. Their shop interior is as well thought out as the products on display, from the furniture that Green crafted himself to the little touches that make the space homely. Laid out on the table is the Arita Porcelain Collection, which includes Japanese kitchen tools such as a sesame mortar with pestle and lid, a lemon squeezer, a ladle stand and multi-functional canisters. Tableware includes ceramic tea cups, rice bowls and plates that use 400-year-old porcelain techniques and are adorned with traditional Japanese navy and white patterns. Hand-bound brooms,  made from Japanese hemp …


Interior Trend: soft pink walls

via Sara Woodrow I’ve been seeing the colour soft pink EVERYWHERE, especially in interiors, on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as in the pages of my favourite magazines – Kinfolk and the latest issue of Milk Decoration, to name two. I’m not talking about a tacky Barbie pink or a girly baby pink, but a grown-up dusty, almost dirty, pink. And I’ve been seriously considering painting a wall or a whole room in this dreamy colour, partly after seeing LapinBlu’s half-wall of pink and partly because of the gorgeous colour combinations seen in this beautiful new boutique hotel in Paris from a post a couple of weeks ago (see it here). As I’m not usually that daring with colour – light grey and white is as far as I’ve gone at home so far – soft pink is a great way to add a bit of colour for the colour-nervous. It’s perfect for bedrooms because it’s very calming and soft, not overpowering and looks fab with other light, muted colours such as white, grey and duck egg blue. I also like the idea of …


Wishlist: the great outdoors

As the weather has started to get brighter and better, I’ve started thinking about getting outdoors more. I would love a garden but for the moment I have my lovely little balcony, a sunny spot where I can sit and read the papers on a Sunday and grow some fresh herbs for the kitchen. By the end of winter the balcony looked like a grave site, pots of dead plants and dry soil, so I’ve been thinking of ways to brighten it up again. The daffodil and hyacinth bulbs are coming to an end and I’ve just planted some sunflower seeds, which I can’t wait to see come up. Ideally I would have a little chair to sun in, along with a cosy blanket (this is England after all) and some brightly coloured planters for some lavender or a clematis to climb up the rails. A little storm lantern would make the space perfect for drinks as the sun sets. Here’s my little wishlist: 1: Bloomingville Bubble Structure Flower pot, Amara, £15.00, 2: Bittergurka watering can, Ikea, £8, 3: …


I wish I lived: shades of grey in Stockholm

I do love a good grey (after all, my boyfriend’s surname even translates as ‘The Grey’ in English, though I can’t say that’s the only reason I’m going out with him…!) and this Stockholm apartment has plenty – I’m desperately trying to avoid referencing 50 Shades, but I couldn’t resist with the title… There’s the deep grey of the kitchen units, the dappled white marble of the worktop, the soft grey linen sofa and the muted tones of the bedroom – I love it all. It’s so hard to get the right shade of grey – in some lights they can look brown or purple, while in others they can look cold and harsh. A good tip I learnt was to test the paint out in the corner of the room, that way you can see what it will look like on two walls at once, and often two walls with different lighting conditions (my favourite is French Grey by Little Greene). This apartment’s got it spot on though and the grey’s not too overpowering, carefully balanced …


Travel: Dune du Pilat, Bordeaux

Following on from my post last week of our trip to Toulouse, which featured lots of photos of peeling painted doors and French shuttered windows (see it here) here’s the second half of our Easter weekend, spent in Bordeaux. Not many people know, but about an hour away from Bordeaux there is a gigantic dune called the Dune of Pilat (or Dune du Pilat – Pilat originates from the Gascon word Pilhar, which refers to a heap or mound). It’s the tallest sand dune in Europe, stretching 2.7km along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean (and here’s a wikipedia fact for you – it has about 60,000,000 m³ of sand!). We went one sunny afternoon, expecting the little mound-like dunes we get on the British coast, but no this was huge. It really was like scaling a mountain and being met with a desert – once we had got to the top and got our breath back, it really was a ‘wow’ moment. On one side you have the forest and on the other the sea, quite bizarre but incredibly beautiful. It rises as a steep slope …


Travel: Toulouse

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break full of good company, good food and chocolate! Olivier and I went to Toulouse and Bordeaux for the long, four-day weekend to see some friends and it was b-e-a-u-tiful – the sun was out and we managed (it was hard, I know) to enjoy some lunches al fresco; we even came back with a couple of red noses! So here’s the first of my posts on the trip, focusing on the gorgeous city of Toulouse in the southwestern part of France. The city gets its nickname la Ville Rose (“the Pink City”) from the pinkish terracotta-shaded brick buildings that line its streets. Perfect pastel-shaded shutters and beautifully peeling doorways add to its character – one of the best parts of the stay was simply walking the streets, soaking up the atmosphere, and mainly consisting of me taking LOTS of photos of door, after door, after window, after window. The small meandering alleyways are home to cute boutiques, boulangeries selling the most delectable pastries and wine bars to take the French apéro (a delightful …