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This month, Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of JOELIX.com have tasked the Urban Jungle Bloggers with making our plants pop with colour – #plantcolourpop! This time they wanted to see just one plant to contrast it with the #plantgang edition last month (which I sadly missed out on due to a super hectic May and June – boo!). At first I was a little daunted by the task, what, colour – I don’t do colour! Surely, grey counts as a colour right…?!

After some thought, at one point considering pinning up some colourful wrapping paper onto the wall, I found these cute vintage Japanese paper decorations in a small shop in Exmouth Market. They definitely have the ‘pop’ factor, and just that little bit of colour so it doesn’t make me completely freak out! The first plant I photographed was a new cactus I bought the other week from Columbia Road Flower Market. It just screamed out to me, it is SO cute – I think it looks like it’s a teeny hand, with the nodules on the top. It’s so small I put it in this Muji beaker.

I like to think it’s got it’s party hat on now!

catesthill-urban-jungle-bloggers-plant-colour-pop-2 catesthill-urban-jungle-bloggers-plant-colour-pop-1

Now, I couldn’t just style one plant, so wanted to share another newbie to the flat, a sedum ‘cape blanco’. It’s an evergreen perennial that has succulent stems and clusters of small, star-shaped yellow flowers (you can keep them outside or in a sunny spot inside and are good for patios). I like that it’s a bit wilder than the other succulents I already have at home. This one had the luxury of getting to wear two party hats!

catesthill-urban-jungle-bloggers-plant-colour-pop-6 catesthill-urban-jungle-bloggers-plant-colour-pop-7

The yellow flowers on the sedum plant add a further pop of colour. They only flower in summer so it will be inside to make the most of it’s pretty buds. It may be a bit wild, but I think it’s a beauty.

catesthill-urban-jungle-bloggers-plant-colour-pop-12 catesthill-urban-jungle-bloggers-plant-colour-pop-14

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series started by two bloggers: Igor (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith (JOELIX.com). Every month they share ideas on how to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs and green tips & tricks.

You can find additional inspiration on their Urban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board and keep up-to-date on their website and Facebook page. If you want to join in just use #urbanjunglebloggers on Twitter and Instagram.

catesthill-urban-jungle-bloggers-plant-colour-pop-9 catesthill-urban-jungle-bloggers-plant-colour-pop-5
Images my own

  1. Hahahaha of course you should bend the “rules” (which are actually no real rules 😉 )… I love your creative interpretation with the Japanese party decoration… I think both your sedum and supercute new cactus are ready for a long & hot summer of parties! Thank you Cate for another inspiring UJB blogpost!

    • Yay thankyou! Yes they’re definitely enjoying the weather, some of the plants on my balcony like the lavender less so! Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine! x

  2. Love it, and always love a different interpretation ;o) x

  3. You so cheated using two plants 😉 Such a clever way of adding a pop of colour – love it! X

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