Top posts of 2015: a round-up

I’m signing off for Christmas but thought before I pop off, I’d share some of mine, and your, favourite posts from 2015. And what an exciting year it’s been, from a guest room/home office makeover on a shoestring budget, through a styling challenge caught on video, to Scandinavian travels and the perfect night’s sleep. Hopefully there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy over the holidays until I’m back, whether you’re an old or new reader…

1. My guest room/home office makeover

Transforming our uninspiring home office-cum-guest room into a lovely calm, cohesive space with a super-tight budget. It’s amazing what a lick of fresh paint and a bit of de-cluttering can do to get a space in shape.


2. Ikea’s SINNERLIG collection by Ilse Crawford

Comprised of more than 30 pieces for the home, Ilse Crawford’s collection for Ikea was a real winner. Aiming to engage with the senses and connect us to our homes, it included tactile cork dining tables, hand-blown glass bottles, woven baskets and stoneware vases

3. My favourite Breton striped top

I couldn’t do a round-up and not include my favourite stripes. I just can’t get enough of them. This one, from French brand Armor Lux, is a classic, based on the original which had 21 navy stripes for each of Napoleon’s victories


4. Two iced tea recipes

Using JING Tea’s Jasmine Silver Needle and Jade Sword Green Tea I concocted two delicate cold infusions using peaches and lemons. Refreshing and sweet for summer, but could also work with apple and cinnamon in winter…


5. Argos Transform Your Room Challenge

See how I got on with two other bloggers styling a blank room from scratch for the Argos Transform Your Room Challenge. We were each given a limited budget and just 60 minutes, all of it caught on camera in a video! Five Steps to a Good Night's Sleep
6. Five steps to a better night’s sleep

Find peace of mind with my five top tips for sleeping like a baby at night. Whether its calm breathing techniques and infusion teas or the softest French linen, I’ll have you snoring away in no time


7. Travel Guide: Stockholm

After visiting the Swedish city for the annual Stockholm Furniture Fair, I shared my top haunts, from the best coffee to boutique shops. All with a handy printable map to help you on your way


8. Five tips for taking better iPhone photos

Where I reveal all my tips and secrets for taking better photos on your phone, including what editing apps to download and how to deal with bad lighting



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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