Paris Je t'aime

Paris Je t’aime

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been to Paris, the city of Love – with a French other half, it feels like a home away from home. I always love coming back and there’s always new places to discover. Wandering along the Seine, sipping coffee outside a quaint cafe, gazing up at the shuttered windows and coming across pretty quiet corners – Paris is just perfect for a weekend, whether you’re exploring it by yourself or have someone’s hand to hold along the way.

Last weekend we hopped on the Eurostar (literally hopped, we live in King’s Cross…) and explored the city like locals. Avoiding the tourist trail and bustling museums, we instead wandered from coffee shop to coffee shop, meeting friends and family en route. The whole weekend revolved around food and drink, from hot chocolate and crepes to a glass of vin (or several…) and oysters – we returned full to the brim and with huge smiles on our faces.

Here are some picture postcards from the weekend, along with a couple of places to put on your list next time you find yourself in Paris…

Paris Je t'aime

A stunning couple who had just got married had just got out of the blue car above, I was too busy snapping the pretty scene behind them!

Paris Je t'aime Paris Je t'aime

Who can spot three little piggies in the photo above?!

Paris Je t'aimeParis Je t'aime

So many pretty street corners to stop for an espresso or perhaps even a kir royale or pastis?

Paris Je t'aime

We walked along the river to check out the bookshop Shakespeare & Company’s new cafe on the Left Bank. Popular with literary culture in bohemian Paris, you might recognise it’s signature green awning, book stalls and cavernous spaces from films such as Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.

The cafe is a welcome addition to while away an hour or so reading a book and sipping a coffee. There’s not much space to sit inside the cafe, but I’m sure those benches will be packed come summer. We had hot chocolate and the tastiest little madeleines to warm ourselves up, but they also had healthy options such as chia seed puddings and brown rice maki rolls.

Paris Je t'aimeParis Je t'aimeParis Je t'aimeParis Je t'aime Paris Je t'aime

Another favourite stop was Lily of the Valley on rue Dupetit Thouars. Specialising in teas, infusions and homemade cakes, it’s pretty floral interior is cosy and cute, with a sprawling green ceiling and a comfy bench along one wall. Tea comes in the most instagrammable little vintage cups too 😉

Paris Je t'aimeParis Je t'aimeParis Je t'aimeParis Je t'aime

Fueled up, it was time to move on again.

Paris Je t'aime

For serious coffee lovers, head to Boot Cafe just around the corner from the Merci shop in the Marais district. The place is tiny, but for what it lacks in size it makes up for with hospitality and bunches of beautiful fresh flowers.

Paris Je t'aimeParis Je t'aimeParis Je t'aime

No trip to Paris, I believe, is complete without a visit to the Merci shop on Boulevard Beaumarchais, where you’ll find everyone from locals to chic fashionistas and scruffy students. The concept store and cafe is laid out on three floors in a former warehouse loft, with functional but beautiful homewares, shelves of French linen, eclectic clothing, accessories and more. The coffee shop is cosy and relaxed, with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to dip into and read. But you must take a snap of the red car before you enter…!

Paris Je t'aimeParis Je t'aimeParis Je t'aimeParis Je t'aime

If you’re not too caffeined up by now, I also recommend Café Kitsuné at Palais Royal for the perfect flat white. Developed by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, this small stand-up coffee bar has a clean, modern look, while the picturesque setting of 17th-century architecture gives it the charm of a quaint European cafe. Have a quick espresso at the bar or get a coffee to go and enjoy it in the peaceful gardens.

Paris Je t'aimeParis Je t'aime Paris Je t'aimeParis Je t'aime

Paris, I can’t wait to be back again!

Paris Je t'aime
All images my own

  1. Lovely photos – especially the one with the huge piles of books in the window! (that makes me feel slightly better about my piles of books). You certainly managed to squeeze in plenty of coffee stops along the way.

  2. Lovely photos, they make me miss Paris so much. Thanks for sharing xo

  3. Wow. I want to have gone on this trip. Like Sue, i’ve been to Paris. Twice now in fact and didn’t really fall for it. But this looks splendid. Although I don’t drink coffee… so perhaps I just don’t have what it takes to do Paris justice?
    Ps. LOVE the photo of the bookshop with all the spines in the window. Perfect!

    • Thanks Karen, I reckon there’s more to it than coffee, can I tempt you with all those patisseries they have? I’ve gone on a sugar free diet so was struggling somewhat!! X

  4. Shakespeare & Co now have a cafe? Well, that shows how long its been since I was in Paris (and didn’t actually think it was that long but guess its been about 18 months now -eek!)
    Also love the look of Cafe Kitsune too (keeps popping up all over Instagram)… so that’s 2 good excuses to pop on the Eurostar over, eh?

    Gorgeous photos as always Cate xx

    • Yes you really should, especially when they do their £59 return deals! You would love both cafe kitsune and Shakespeare & Co’s new cafe x

  5. Gosh your photos and places to go make even me want to go back… I’ve been twice and didn’t fall for the city either time… Stunning though…

  6. This post is fantastic! Thank you for the virtual trip to Paris through these gorgeous pictures!

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