Easy stylish Spring entertaining

Easy spring entertaining

Hurrah, the clocks have gone forward and we have an extra hour of sunlight! As soon as the sun comes out and the light evenings last a little longer, I always feel like it’s time to crack out a cold drink and gather some friends and loved-ones together. So, today I’m showing you how to style a lovely relaxed table for some Spring entertaining, using some smart Scandi accessories from Danish brand Lene Bjerre, available at Houseology.

With an other half who is French, I’ve well and truly adopted the tradition of apéro, that time around 7pm when you can sit back, forget about work, open a bottle and enjoy some great food with great company. Taking inspiration then from the French, mixed in with some tapas-style dining from the Spanish, this look is really informal and laid-back. It’s more about bringing items to the table spontaneously in the moment, rather than neat, straight place settings that have a formal atmosphere. It’s about gathering over a platter of yumminess, everyone digging in and helping themselves, drinks in hand and hopefully, the sun shining.

Easy stylish Spring entertainingEasy stylish Spring entertaining

Here, I wanted to show that you can create a light, Spring setting with dark monochrome colours – which don’t have to be heavy or reserved solely to the winter months (you must know by now that I’m not one for colour…). On my little round table for two, I have used this black linen table runner instead of a tablecloth. It gives a centreline from which to place items without being too formal. It’s covers and protects the space you need, while contrasting beautifully with the white of the table.

I then added these lovely black and white woven placemats to create an element of texture and intrigue. I love their speckled pattern, which has such a Scandi feel I think. And although I’m not one for any sort of bling, I love these aged polished brass knives and forks, they add a bit of contrast and richness to the table without being over the top (god forbid ;)).

Easy stylish Spring entertainingEasy stylish Spring entertainingEasy stylish Spring entertaining

Now let me introduce you to my new favourite thing… this marble and acacia wood chopping board. I spent a fair amount of time just stroking the smooth edges of this beauty when I unpacked it from the box. A marble chopping board is a real classic, but by simply adding the strip of wood, it somehow just elevates it and makes it look that little bit more special. A perfect surface for displaying a wedge of creamy manchego, rolls of proscuitto and jammy slices of fig. Help yourselves everyone!

Easy stylish Spring entertainingEasy stylish Spring entertainingEasy stylish Spring entertainingEasy stylish Spring entertainingEasy stylish Spring entertainingEasy stylish Spring entertaining

Now that’s what I call an apéro! Impromtu, but still full of style. I hope it’s given you some inspiration to get out of that winter rut, brighten up your dining space a little bit and look forward to warmer months…

Easy stylish Spring entertaining

So, how do you like to gather friends and entertain for Spring?

This post was written in collaboration with Houseology, all images my own

  1. My favourite time of the day! 😉 Loving that marble board and I think they’re the same wine glasses I have… Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Such a lovely table scape Cate. I wish friends would invite me round fir an apero like this.

  3. Looks beautiful Cate. I’ll be round later. 7 o’clock you say? x

  4. This is beautiful, Cate. I spent a lot of time working in Switzerland and Italy and wholeheartedly threw myself in to apéro hour. Such a wonderful idea.

  5. Karen Jones

    Stunning styling and so me !

    I love it x

    I have more chopping boards than shoes but this looks like another “must have” to add to my collection .

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