MÛR lifestyle lookbook

MÛR lifestyle lookbook

MÛR lifestyle is a Winnipeg-based lifestyle brand founded by husband and wife Danielle and Joël Cyr. I’ve been following them for a while on Instagram now, liking pretty much every photo they post, so I was delighted when they released their first-ever lookbook full of the most beautifully styled images you can imagine.

Styled and shot in their own home, Danielle and Joël have a lovely, relaxed style – think clean white walls, nature textures, soft, muted tones and simple, functional objects. Their philosophy is something that I strive for in my own home; as they say: ‘Our philosophy is quite simple. We love beautiful and functional pieces that carry a timeless aesthetic. But more importantly we want to encourage people to move away from the “disposable culture” that is so prevalent and adopt a more mindful approach to buying.’

MÛR is French for ripe, it means ‘something that is developed to the point of readiness, fully matured like a pear that is ready to be picked and savoured.’ Their beautifully curated shop features carefully chosen pieces from small-scale manufacturers, artisans and designers who also subscribe to their thinking. On my wishlist are large wooden serving boards, striped linen throws, beeswax candles and Japanese porcelain plates. Take a look below and enjoy their first lookbook that gives you a taste of their philosophy and pared-back aesthetic…

MÛR lifestyle lookbook  MÛR lifestyle lookbookMÛR lifestyle lookbook MÛR lifestyle lookbookMÛR lifestyle lookbook MÛR lifestyle lookbook MÛR lifestyle lookbookMÛR lifestyle lookbook MÛR lifestyle lookbook MÛR lifestyle lookbookMÛR lifestyle lookbook

Want to see more of these dreamy images? Of course you do – check out the whole lookbook here and pin until your heart’s content.

All images: MÛR lifestyle

  1. What a difference the little things make, Imagine how different the overall feel of the room would be with garish brightly coloured toothbrushes in the pot instead of those traditional wooden ones.

  2. Dreaming photos. Definitely a brand I need to explore.

  3. Just looking at those images makes me feel relaxed, let alone living there! Beautiful

  4. Gorgeous images. I’ll be pinning for some time 🙂

  5. Haven’t come across them before, but will definitely be exploring further. Love the laid back elegance portrayed in the images.

  6. These are lovely shots. What a great lifestyle ad for them!

  7. Love those images and the whole ethos – so effortlessly stylish, sigh..!

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