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On my radar: new furniture finds for November

Hello… I’m back from three weeks in Australia! And the blog now deserves a little love. I tried to make a conscious effort to disconnect from the web (bar the odd instagram post of course…) and not check my emails everyday. I hadn’t had a proper holiday in ages, and with all the stresses of the renovation, I really needed a break. We’re all constantly sharing and connected that sometimes it’s good to take a step back, take stock and revaluate what it is we’re doing. I hope I can now come back to the blog refreshed, ready to give you some lovely, fresh content.

It’s also meant that on my return there was lots of new design and furniture finds sitting in my inbox waiting to be shared with you! So, I thought I’d share one of my ‘On the Radar’ posts with four new minimal product launches to watch out for. Enjoy…

Dowel Jones

Dowel Jones is a young design studio set up in 2013 by Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch in Melbourne, Australia. Funny that I didn’t discover them while I was out in Australia, but from back here in London. Dowel Jones is interested in simplifying objects to their bare essentials without compromising on aesthetic values, while also minimising materials and processes involved.

Their clean-lined, functional pieces grace the trendiest of coffee shops and spaces in Oz, from the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art to independent cafes The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in Sydney and The Ugly Duckling Wine and Cocktail Bar in Melbourne. You’ll also find their furniture in Singapore’s National Gallery and New York City’s Sweatshop. Definitely a name to keep an eye on.

They’ve just launched two new furniture collections called Tim Ber and Bradley Hooper (Dowel Jones are renowned for their tongue-in-cheek names for their products). Bradley Hooper is a range comprising a coffee table, side table and stool, each with a curved wire base that brings to mind the shape of a basketball hoop. Tim Ber, meanwhile, is a solid timber furniture range made of wooden batons and no visible joins.

Dowel Jones is a young design studio operating out of Melbourne, Australia Aussie furniture brand Dowel Jones Aussie furniture brand Dowel Jones Aussie furniture brand Dowel Jones

Pon – a table series by Jasper Morrison

Pon is a simple, understated table designed by Jasper Morrison for Danish brand Fredericia. There is no decoration or superfluous detail here, just a lovely table for everyday life, which can work on its own or grouped together. It comes in oak or ash, and I love the simple beauty of the black version.

Jasper Morrison says: ‘Fredericia and Børge Mogensen were late but important discoveries for me. Mogensen, I now realise, is the quintessential Danish designer, capable of creating understated and beautifully proportioned furniture for living the good life – Super Normal before the term existed. He’s become something of a hero for me, and I’m very proud to be working for ‘his’ company.’

Pon - a table series by Jasper Morrison Pon - a table series by Jasper Morrison Pon - a table series by Jasper Morrison Pon - a table series by Jasper Morrison

+Halle by Form Us With Love

Swedish studio Form Us With Love have added to their Nest collection for Danish brand +Halle with a new high back Easy chair and curated Kvadrat upholstery. Inspired by the idea of gatherings and designed to explore the idea of creating shelter in open spaces, the Nest collection plays with high and low forms, with seats perching on slim wood and steel legs.

New Kvradrat textiles, designed by Alfred Häberli, Raf Simons and Arika Minagawa in soft tones and vivid colours have been also applied to the collection for an update.

Says John Löfgren, founder and creative director at Form Us With Love: ‘When extending the range, we wanted to add an unenclosed but somewhat secluded seat. The result is the new Easy Nest, a clean cut, high back armchair – a perfect covering, short of blocking your field of view.’

‘Nest is all about understanding the gap between public and private spaces. Our ambition was always to make you effortlessly remain seated in that perfect balance between taking a break and remaining active,’ adds Jonas Pettersson, founder and CEO of Form Us With Love.

+Halle by Form Us With Love +Halle by Form Us With Love +Halle by Form Us With Love +Halle by Form Us With Love

by Lassen’s Norli tableware and Anoon drinks trolley

by Lassen has just launched two brand new products, the Anoon drinks trolley and Norli tableware set.

Everyone needs a drinks trolley in their life right? First designed for a private interior project in 1943 by architect Flemming Lassen, the Anoon drinks trolley was originally intended as a tea wagon for a wealthy family. The trolley’s original birchwood construction has been replaced and given a contemporary twist with polished aluminium and steel. It would work equally well for displaying coffee, or even plants don’t you think?

Made of glazed stoneware in soft grey colours, the Norli tableware is simple, minimal and unfussy. A clever little lip on the top of each plate allows them to double as lids for bowls in the collection, perfect for storing left over food at the end of a meal.

by Lassen's Norli tableware and Anoon drinks trolley by Lassen's Norli tableware and Anoon drinks trolleyby Lassen's Norli tableware and Anoon drinks trolley by Lassen's Norli tableware and Anoon drinks trolley
All images from respective brands

  1. Love that drinks trolley. Very masculine. I envy your ability to take 3 weeks away from (nearly) all things online. I so need to do that once this loft has been done!!

  2. Well done on having an Internet holiday, it’s so hard to do these days. Hope you enjoyed your trip. The chairs are all beautiful and the drinks trolley is a nice find.

  3. Loving that drinks trolley Cate! Happy to hear you had such a great relaxing trip, can’t wait to read all about it soon xx

  4. Beautiful pieces Cate, love the +Halle chair in particular. Hope you had a fabulous time in Australia!

  5. Thanks for the introduction to these new brands. Love the blue chair and the drinks trolley x

  6. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a 3 week break from technology! Sounds absolutely blissful! I’m quite loving the Norli tableware – how clever that the plates can be used as covers! xx

  7. Wow: love the Easy Nest, a wing chair for the 21st. I’d love to pair it with traditional ones around a fireplace in my own little library…and nothing thrills me like a big, round coffee table. Oh, life next to that circle. Anyway, enjoyed the tour of what’s pleasing you.

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