20 scandi-style candlesticks under £30

20 scandi-style candleholders under £30

I’ve had a couple of people over on Instagram ask me where I get my candleholders from, so I thought I’d do a round-up of some of the best scandi-style designs out there. Because sometimes these things can be hard to find if you’re not really sure where to look. I’ve scoured small, independent British shops and well-known Scandinavian brands to bring you 20 candleholders under £30. From bargain finds to handmade chunky concrete blocks and minimal black shapes, there’s hopefully something here for everybody.

20 scandi-style candlesticks under £30
A concrete-style candleholder

Here are some of my favourites – tea and kate’s grey, concrete-esque candleholder (d)  is the most like mine above (sadly the shop I bought it from in Wimbledon has since closed), but sculptural, curvy dishes from Muuto and Normann Copenhagen (e + p) also caught my eye. For something a little bit different, why not Future and Found’s house-shaped design?

20 scandi-style candlesticks under £30
20 scandi-style candlesticks under £30

a. Chunk of concrete candleholder by MENU, £30, Scandinavian Design Center

b. Candlestick Loop Black, £29, Cooee

c. Candlestick for three candles, IKEA PS 2017, £10, IKEA

d. Catherine Lovatt candleholder for Serax, £10, tea and kate

e. Float candlestick holder in anthracite by Muuto, £29, Amara

f. M Dex Concrete House Candleholder, £24, Future and Found

g. Verona triangle angle double candlestick, £15, Made.com

h. Globo candleholder, small in white, £22, Scandinavian Design Center

i. HAY Kutter candleholder, black, £19, Triangle Store via Trouva

j. Conic candleholder in grey by Puik Art, £25, Clippings.com

k. Concrete candleholder, £6.95, The Letteroom

l. Lumberjack Candleholder by Normann Copenhagen, £15, Indish Design Shop, via Trouva

m. HAY Lup candleholder, £19, Utility Design

n. Concrete candleholder tally Korridor Design, £24, Heal’s

o. Nappula candleholder small by Iittala, £27, Skandium

p. Folk candleholder, £9.90, Normann Copenhagen

q. House Doctor candleholder, the ring white, £16.99, Blabar via Trouva

r. Heima candlestick by Normann Copenhagen, £15, Amara

s. Korn Producte Block Four candleholders set, £21.21, Clippings.com

t. Nocto candlestick, black, by Normann Copenhagen, £15, Clippings.com

Some of the designs can be purchased directly from my shop

20 scandi-style candlesticks under £30
Cooee’s black candleholder and matches from Parisian store Merci

So, do any of these designs catch your eye? Do you have a favourite candleholder of your own?

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