Pure Linen bedding white, grey, blush

Pure flax bedding by Telu Linen Co.

There is nothing better than a bed freshly made with linen sheets – the soft texture and relaxed, naturally crumpled fabric looking oh so inviting. But where to buy it?

Telu Linen Co. is a new luxury textile company selling pure flax bedding and wool throws – without the luxury price tag – that has just launched on Kickstarter. The family business was founded by Cornel and Michelle Driessen, who found inspiration for the name Telu from their children’s names, Tehila and Lukas. Telu Linen Co. shortens the supply train, dealing directly with manufacturers in Free Trade Partners countries and passing savings on to customers. So you get the luxurious experience of linen, without the hefty mark-up.

Pure linen bedding in blush

Telu Linen Co.’s products are created from 100% pure linen made from raw flax. It’s a naturally strong fibre that’s breathable and temperature regulating, perfect for the warmer evenings, but equally ideal in winter. The duvets come in a lovely soft blush (is it millennial pink now?!), grey and pure white.

Pure linen bedding grey and blush Pure linen bedding blush Pure linen bedding white and blush Pure linen bedding white and blush(1) Pure linen bedding blush Pure linen Grey duvet set White kaftan - morning moments Blush kimono Pure linen bedding, grey, white and blush

Don’t these images make you want to dive right in to their crumpled folds? The soft blush has definitely caught my eye. I tried linen myself a year or two ago and I wouldn’t be tempted to go back, I just love the relaxed look and feel you get, even better when you don’t have to iron it! It just seems to soften, and get better and better after every wash. But I would love to know, do you like linen on your bed?

Pure linen pillowcases white and blush

All images Telu Linen Co. Pre-orders are available on Kickstarter from $165 for a set. 

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