DFS Capsule Collection for small space living - compact sofa

DFS Capsule Collection – compact sofas for small space living

Homes across the country are undergoing a squeeze – the UK has some of the smallest properties in Europe; a shortage of new homes and soaring property prices means we’re living in increasingly smaller spaces, from city flat shares to multi-functional studios. But when it comes to furniture, we can all dream about those great, big, L-shaped sofas to relax and recline on, yet there’s not a great many options for compact living that’s also low in price. DFS has just launched Capsule Collection, a new range of contemporary and customisable sofas, armchairs, and foot-stools that’s space-saving and stylish.

DFS Capsule Collection for small space living - compact sofa
Bask large sofa in charcoal, £499

I went to the press launch the other week to check out the designs myself and was very pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The dimensions have been shrunk down to create compact sofas and armchairs that are clean and simple in style, from the mid-century style Laze to the Scandi-inspired Lull. The range comes in 55 fabric options, with feet in chrome, copper, light or dark wood, meaning there are hundreds of options to create a sofa that suits you and your home.

DFS Capsule Collection for small space living - mustard yellow velvet armchair
Calm Wing Chair in mustard velvet, £379
DFS Capsule Collection for small space living - compact sofa
Lull Large Sofa in light grey, £499

Each sofa comes with compact arm widths and bolt-off removable arms to ensure they can get through old, narrow stairways and tight doorframes without any surprise problems. You can also make home appointment with DFS so they can measure up and make sure your new sofa fits.

DFS Capsule Collection for small space living - patterned occasional chair
Calm & Lark Cloud Armchair, Wish Round Footstool, £119

Each season the Capsule Collection will be refreshed with textile designs by emerging designers – I love that DFS are supporting young talent. The current range of prints has been designed by Nottingham Trent graduate Alisha Abel, selected by DFS following a competition with the university’s fabric design course. She’s designed this bold print with painterly daubs of colour, so you can either go bold with a statement armchair or brighten up a neutral sofa with a set of scatter cushions. Or you can mix and match, instead of the traditional three piece suite.

DFS Capsule Collection for small space living - compact sofa
Laze Large Sofa in grey, £399

Each piece in the Capsule Collection is hand-crafted to order in the UK, but the price tag is still affordable, with sofas starting at £399. I think that’s super value for something you know will be British made and built to last (DFS also offers a 15-year guarantee). It isn’t mass produced and travelling across the world to get to you.

DFS Capsule Collection for small space living - teal armchair
Calm Wing Chair, £379 and Pure Triangle Footstool, £89

I’m convinced, are you? I have a strong belief that good design should be accessible to all. It’s great to see a British brand reinventing their designs to suit a new, perhaps predominantly younger, audience (although I can also see these working well in compact retirement homes too). The Capsule Collection is designed to fit seamlessly into small spaces without compromising on style. So you can have a beautiful form and function too.

DFS Capsule Collection for small space living - compact sofa
Bask Large Sofa in charcoal, £499

Shop the collection online at DFS. The range will be in stores in August 2017.

This post was written in collaboration with DFS, all thoughts and opinions my own. 

  1. Tried to buy these in September 2017. Am told by DFS there are never going to be in store so you cannot test. Also, if you don’t like them after blind buying, DFS want £60.00 to collect them. Fab Sofa’s it is then . . .

    • Oh no, that’s a shame I didn’t know that. I’m sorry I can’t help you further but hope you find the sofa that’s right for you, Cate

  2. This is great. Sofas for small spaces are so hard to find. Like you say there are lots of large lounging options available but they just don’t work in smaller homes. I really like the designs too, particularly the fact that they do copper legs.

    • Yes, there’s not many places you can get small sofas that are also beautifully made in Britain. I was really impressed with this collection xx

  3. what a great idea, compact living is increasingly common now. Finally a full range dedicated to it. Cute too

    • Such a good market to tap into, so many young renters will be intrigued by these I think. Love how they’ve kept them clean and simple in detail too! x

  4. Oh I love these cute little sofas – I think the Bask is my fave. Perfect for small space city living!

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