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I wish I lived here

I wish I lived here: playing with neutrals in a small space

Oh my I am just drinking in all the details of this little home, I am so in love with it’s soft, calming palette of neutral colours. Two words – yes please! It’s the home of Stockholm-based stylist Josefin Håågs, who blogs at the brilliant and inspiring 20 kvadrat (do check it out). Here, what the space lacks in size, it makes up for in quiet, unassuming style, monochrome colour blocking and cosy, soft textures. From the gallery wall of black and white photographs to the dark greys of the linen bedding and the vintage wooden accents, it’s a calm, cohesive space with perfectly styled surfaces that never feels cluttered. The white walls make it look light and spacious, while the framed prints unite the different functions of the space. Have a look and I’ll tell you some clever tips and tricks you can nick from this space-saving home…   I think it really shows just what you can do with a small space; after all this is essentially one 20 sq m room with a hallway and bathroom. So here’s what you …

I wish I lived here

I wish I lived here: a cosy, moody home in Gothenburg

Today’s ‘I wish I lived here’ is a dreamy monochrome home with dark wooden accents, soft grey touches and greenery galore. It’s cosy and moody, perfect for snuggling under a warm blanket with a cup of coffee. So let me tell you why I would like to live here. First of all, that kitchen, with its smooth marble top and sleek black shelf, isn’t it a beauty? I love it’s minimal look and am totally digging open shelving in kitchens at the moment (see my kitchen board on Pinterest). I think it looks so much smarter, opens a space up, plus you can display all your favourite possessions, pretty tea caddies and pots of herbs, freeing up the worktop for a clean, clutter-free space. I was talking about bar carts earlier in the week (see the post here), and here’s a perfect example of a metallic version used for open kitchen storage and coffee making. It also has hooks on the side for hanging tea towels and pots and pans.    Who’d have thought of putting …


I wish I lived here: a light workspace

Hello and welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays and are looking forward to what 2016 may bring. I’m back with my favourite type of post – an ‘I wish I lived here’ post, where I share some dreamy Scandinavian home I would like as my own. As it’s a New Year, and wanting to keep things all fresh and bright, I’ve chosen this stunning white workspace that’s giving me inspiration to get back into the swing of things after two weeks of lounging on the sofa and eating mince pies! I would love a little studio of my own, with a large table to spread my things out on and a beautiful designer task light to work with. I’d have all the clutter and ugly office paraphernalia hidden away in those discreet white cabinets and pin up inspiration on the gallery wall above. Especially after a break, I find a clean, light workspace makes things all the more productive – there’s something about having everything ordered, a clean …


I wish I lived here: monochrome living

Gearing up for Christmas and everything’s gone a bit manic, I know I can’t wait for the holidays to begin. In the meantime, in a quick little post, I’m finding peace and tranquility in this beautiful monochrome apartment in the trendy district of Sodermalm in Stockholm. I love the simple, neutral colour palette that comes alive with pops of deep, dark black and dashes of pattern. It’s kept warm with wooden floors, unusual wooden furniture, sculptural branches and plants. The old architecture student in me is loving that graph paper wallpaper, and aren’t those spotty plates to die for, very Jackson Pollock? Here I’ve picked some lovely things from my shop to help you get the sleek monochrome look:   Images: Fantastic Frank


I wish I lived here: chasing the light in Gothenburg

I’ve really noticed the darker evenings and the sun setting sooner. It calls for candlelit suppers, reading books in the comfort of the sofa and getting out all the cosy blankets and throws. My boyfriend thinks I have a bit of an obsession with blankets at the moment. I very nearly bought two in one week, but instead settled for one gorgeous recycled denim throw from the brilliant By Mölle. Seriously check them out – Netherlands-based, they only use natural materials, such as undyed Scandinavian wool from Gotland sheep, soft yarn from recycled jeans and linen that is produced in one of the oldest flax mills in Lithuania. They’re pure, beautifully crafted designs that will last the test of time. I can imagine them looking perfectly in place in this light home. I love this time of year when you get the long shadows and bolds flashes of sunlight that make patterns on the walls. This home looks so bright and airy, especially with that balcony door open and the curtains swinging in the breeze. So many perfect natural textures, light …


I wish I lived here: 3 beautiful Scandi kitchens

My own kitchen in my flat is dark and small, with windows looking onto the communal hallway and shiny white units that have been there for years. There’s nothing really wrong with the kitchen itself, the Ikea units have lasted remarkably well, and there’s elements I like, but I never photograph it for my blog because it’s just not very photogenic and the natural lighting is terrible. Oh how I would love to replace the steel splash back with some new ceramic tiles, perhaps change the handles or simply clear out some of the clutter. While browsing Swedish website Entrance, always a good source of home interior inspiration, I found myself honing in on these three beautiful Scandi kitchens. Usually for a ‘I wish I lived here’ post I focus on one complete home tour, showing all the spaces from bedroom to living room. But here I simply couldn’t decide which one of these to feature so decided to feature them all! From pastel painted units and rustic tables, through exposed brick walls and metro tiles to clean …


I wish I lived here: the loft-style home of an artist

It’s been ages since I did a ‘I wish I lived here’ post. I guess sometimes there’s so many beautiful homes out there on the internet, but not always ones where you fall in love with the whole apartment. I always admire sleek, monochrome interiors but can never really see myself living in that way. I would love to have a clean, neat and tidy home, with painted white floors, white walls and not a mark anywhere, but sometimes life just gets in the way, right? That’s why I immediately fell in love with this slightly rustic, characterful artist’s home in Stockholm – it looks lived-in and loved, with exposed brick walls, pieces of vintage furniture and intriguing art work everywhere. It’s styled by Josefine Hååg, hasn’t she done a wonderful job? I love the loft-style windows that divide the little paint studio to the bedroom, the rough plaster wall and mix-match of old and new. Oh how I’d love to have a little studio space like this, with light flooding in and music softly coming out from the record player… All images …


I wish I lived here: an eclectic old shop in Malmo

How charming is this converted old shop in Malmo? I wish I lived here, with its tall ceilings, mismatched mid-century and modern furniture (spot Aalto 60 Stool imitations), and cool white kitchen. I’m also a sucker for piles of magazines and gallery walls, a constant in my own home – and I guess you may be able to tell why I like the ‘C’ poster here?! I also like the idea of painting a wall half in one colour, here in a lovely light sky blue. It gives just a hint of colour for colourphobes like myself, while also giving a feeling of intimacy and cosiness in an airy, bright, tall-ceilinged space. Likewise, with the thin strip of dark grey tiles in the kitchen and dining space…    Images: Bolaget


I wish I lived here: botanical-inspired bohemia in Sweden

I’m not usually one for a boho-look, with lots of patterns and frills, I tend to move more towards white walls and minimal furniture, but I love the look of this lovely boho home. I can just about handle that touch of William Morris ‘Pimpernel’ wallpaper because it contrasts so well with the sleek modern kitchen, with its clean white tiles and stainless steel units. The deep, russet shades are further picked up in the dark wood shelving and mis-matched, mid-century furniture. Who’d have thought it could work? I also love how this home has embraced nature, not just with the floral, earthy wallpaper, but with plants dotted around the place and wild-looking bunches of eucalyptus – like they’ve just gone into their garden and hand-picked some sweet smelling blooms. There’s little vintage touches which make it homely too, such as the old candlesticks and faded wall unit, even the ladder propped, just so, against the wall. Would you like to live here?         Images: Anders Bergstedt for Entrance


I wish I lived here: all white is alright in Gothenburg

I love the cleanliness of fresh white walls, just like in this white home in Gothenburg. The space looks so light and airy, especially with the painted white floorboards in the kitchen and sanded floorboards in the living space. It sets off those black Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs and mid-century dining table nicely – I often think furniture like that looks best against a plain backdrop. And you know how I can’t resist a set of String shelves! Normally you would think to put them halfway between the floor and ceiling, but I quite like how they are positioned just off the ground, in a row of three, with space for posters above. It almost gives the impression of a sideboard, but much lighter and minimal. A beautiful Scandi space, but could you live with all white walls? All images Anders Bergstedt for Entrance