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Recipe: super-simple seeded peach muffins

I’m a keen cook, whether its baking or dinner parties, and I thought I would start a new feature on my blog: recipes! This one is a super simple recipe for seeded peach muffins, which are dairy free and delicious. I first came across the idea when I tried a seeded courgette cake, which although a bit too healthy for me, I thought I could do something similar but with some light, juicy peaches. These are perfect straight out the oven for breakfast or as a healthy mid-afternoon snack. The seeds add an extra crunch on the top; I chose a mixture of sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, but you could use poppy seeds or even chopped almonds. If you wanted to make it really healthy or wheat-free, just replace the flour with almonds and the sugar with agave nectar. The recipe makes about 9-12 muffins. You will need: 2 peaches or nectarines (diced) 75ml olive oil 100g sugar 2 eggs 1 lemon (zest and juice) 250g plain white flour 1 tsp bicarbonate of …


Eating Out: Vietnamese supper club, Hackney

At the weekend a couple of friends and I enjoyed a wonderful evening of good food and good company at a Vietnamese supper club in Hackney, east London. Saigon-born but London-raised Uyen Luu cooks (along with her mother) up a Vietnamese feast every Friday evening to paying guests. After studying fine art film and video at Central Saint Martins School of Art, she had a clothing and jewellery boutique, travelled the world, before transforming the ground floor of her flat in Hackney into an intimate Vietnamese restaurant each weekend. She is a warm host and makes you feel instantly at home, with freshly cut flowers on the tables, candles and fairy lights in the back terrace and her Scottie weaving in and out of your feet. Guests arrive at 7.30 for drinks before settling down at communal tables- it feels a bit like you’re having a dinner party at a friends house. Then you are brought the freshest summer rolls with pork belly, prawns and her mother’s homegrown herbs, followed by succulent cod’s cheek fishcakes wrapped in mustard …


Q&A with… the pair behind The Pressery, London

The Pressery, based in East London, was set up by Natali Stajcic and Chi-San Wan who share a love of whole foods and their health and healing benefits. A mutual interest in eating better, but not wanting to sacrifice on quality, led them to discover the taste of homemade almond milk. As someone who is marginally lactose intolerant, any healthy, but equally delicious milk alternative has the thumbs up from me. Theirs is created from organic Spanish almonds, rich in protein, fibre and calcium. Not only does it taste delicious, either on its own or with coffee or morning cereals (for a super healthy dessert mix it with chia seeds and vanilla or cinnamon until it thickens- top tip!), but the packaging is refined and beautifully minimalist. Here, I asked the two how The Pressery started and what makes almond milk so special. How did you meet and how was The Pressery born? We met through friends about 8 years ago and have always been mad about food and drink, that’s all we’d talk about …


Eating out: Merci Marie, Dalston

Housed on the second floor of a former shoe factory, Merci Marie is one of Dalston’s best kept secrets, a simple, homely restaurant run by French chef Marie Gonfond. Originally from Provence, Marie conjures up delicious home cooked meals using fresh and local ingredients and the menus change weekly. She says: ‘My family has been farmers for generations, producing olive oil, fruits and vegetables. My mother and grand mothers are amazing cooks and they have nurtured my love for what is on the plate. After working in various restaurants I knew I wanted to have my own place serving simple, fresh food, cooked and produced with love.’ Throughout the week Merci Marie is open for breakfast and lunches, while on Fridays she hosts ‘Sweet Fridays’ with a BYOB policy. When we visited last Friday the calm white space was candlelit and the French film Amelie was being projected onto one of the walls. The atmosphere, partly down to the long shared wooden benches, fold-up chairs and informal decor, was like that of a good friend’s dinner party (further heightened by the fact …


The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings

How beautiful is Kinfolk’s first cookbook, The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings? If you don’t know the magazine, Kinfolk comes out quarterly and collects ideas from an international community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to make and do, as they say “Whether you’re looking for a new cooking skill, road trip route or camping guide, Kinfolk is a blueprint for a balanced, intentional lifestyle”. The Kinfolk Table brings together recipes and stories from across the world, including Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Portland, Oregon, and the English countryside. It invites readers into the lives and pantries of a diverse array of both enthusiasts and professionals, from coffee connoisseurs to ceramicists, fashion bloggers to florists, photographers to farmers and even an addition from one of Kinfolk’s retired grandmothers. More info after the break…                  Here is what Kinfolk say: WHAT IS THE KINFOLK TABLE? One-third cookbook, one-third narrative tale and one-third international adventure, The Kinfolk Table is a collection of 85 delectable recipes spread over nearly 400 …


London Eats: Shoryu Ramen

At the end of last year the Japan Centre– the one-stop shop for all delectable Japanese goodies- opened a Ramen noodle bar opposite its shop in Piccadilly, London. Hakata ramen is a tonkotsu (pork) broth-based noodle soup, and a speciality of the Hakata district of Fukuoka City in south Japan. Shoryu has brought over Fukuokan-born Head Chef Kanji Furukawa, meaning the ramen soup is one of the most authentic outside of Japan. The menu offers 9 types of different ramen, 6 of them tonkotsu based, and some others with miso soup and wasabi. I went for the Shoryu classic- a rich milky white soup with slices of pork and thin ‘hosemen’ noodles. Also on the menu are pork gyoza dumplings, soft shell crab and hirata buns. The restaurant is busy- don’t be surprise if you have to queue- but the food is well worth any waiting time. Images: The Japan Centre Blog


Maison Kitsuné Tokyo store and Café

Paris-based fashion and music label, Kitsuné has opened a shop and cafe in the trendy Aoyama district of Tokyo. The shop was designed by co-founder of the brand, Masaya Kuroki, and is divided into two sections: one with the Kitsuné Café selling Kitsuné records and t-shirts, and the other with the Maison Kitsuné collections a few steps away. The shop features a Japanese-style interior, with cedar parquet flooring made in situ by a Japanese craftsmen, and lots of wood and tatami, a type of straw mat traditionally used for flooring. For the cafe, Kitsuné  brought in local coffee connoisseur Eiichi Kunimoto of Omotesando Koffee, who uses a Slayer coffee machine and a unique blend of four beans from Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica. Also on the menu are baked custard cubes made daily.    Images: Takumi Ota via Kitsune Journal


London Eats: Champagne + Fromage

Champagne + Fromage is a small piece of France in the centre of London. Serving up champagne paired with fine charcuterie and cheese, this small fromagerie shop has a couple of intimate seats away from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden and the overcrowded restaurant chains. Their piece de la resistance is their tartines- a single slice of homemade bread draped in slivers of cheese and Corsican ham or fruit and drizzled with olive oil. Frogs’ legs and snails also make an appearance on the menu, along with foie gras, daily terrines and oeufs cocottes (a single egg baked in a ramekin)- all sourced from tiny suppliers across the channel.     Images: 1, 2, 3 + 4 my own.


Pantone Food Swatches by David Schwen

Minneapolis-based graphic designer and illustrator David Schwen has created a series of food swatches inspired by Pantone colour cards. The project, titled ‘Pantone Pairings’ is on Instagram, and pairs foods that are eaten together onto Pantone chips. I previously featured these delectable Pantone tartlettes by French blogger Emilie Guelpa.

Q&A with… Rosa Park of Cereal Magazine

I discovered Cereal magazine a few weeks ago and knew I had to feature it on the blog. Cereal is a quarterly food, drink and travel magazine that contains edible topics, travel destinations, as well as profiles on products, people and places. In Volume One they looked at a Nordic food lab aboard a boat, the tradition of using carrots as sweeteners, and the nostalgia of milk. The magazine is aimed at our ‘inner child’, as they describe: “Back when we were little, we learned many a fun fact from the back of cereal boxes. One of our fondest memories of childhood is of waking up to a huge bowl of something crunchy and milky, devouring the words and pictures on the back of the packet. These boxes were the first thing we read each day, and they taught and entertained us. Hence, Cereal. We hope to become your morning read.” I had a chance to speak to the editor, Rosa Park. 1. How did Cereal start? Cereal began with a love (bordering on obsession) …