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Muuto grey armchair - 10 minimal, grey armchair under £500

10 minimal, Scandinavian-style armchairs for under £500

I’m on the hunt for a new, minimal, grey armchair for my living room. We already have this vintage, mid-century number – a bargain find from eBay (see it here in my living room makeover) – but we need another one to go opposite the sofa to even the space out and fill that empty corner. So that when we have friends over there’s plenty of seats to go around and we don’t feel like we’re all squished in a row on the sofa looking at one wall. Or someone invariably gets the short straw and ends up sitting on a hard dining chair brought in from the kitchen. It’s a fairly small space and we don’t want something too overpowering – just a simple design, most probably in grey, with bold, clean lines and minimal, well-designed details. Not too much to ask for you would think, but a small budget makes it a little trickier to find just the right thing at an affordable price. So I’ve scoured the internet and picked out the best buys for under £500 in case …

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Spring bedroom updates

The sun is shining, the weather’s hotting up and I think it’s time to shed the thick wool blankets and cosy bedding in favour of soft French linen and bright pastel shades in the bedroom. With Spring in full bloom, I feel the need to refresh, de-clutter and brighten up my home. I’m thinking lots of calming natural textures, clusters of plants (if I can keep them alive) and accents of blush pink or fern green. The windows open and the sun pouring in. But, you don’t have to completely overhaul a bedroom to get a new perspective, by simply changing the bedding, adding a new print to your collection or a cushion or two, you can create an easy-to-attain, affordable update for Spring. Or simply, by rearranging the room around – that used to be my absolute favourite pastime as a teenager… At the moment, I’ve just got a new rug to go by my bedside (more of that next week) and have switched up my cotton sheets and wool blanket for much lighter and …

Kristina Dam day bed

Interior trend: best of day beds

I’m seeing day beds everywhere at the moment, in magazines, in interiors shops and in almost every Scandi brand’s beautifully styled lookbook. It’s not particularly a new trend, classic modernist designers Mies van der Rohe and Eileen Gray both set the bar high with their 20th century designs. Eileen Gray, for example, designed her day bed for her modernist masterpiece, the E-1027 house in the Cote d’Azur (you can read an article I wrote about it in more depth here). Advocating versatile furniture with multiple functions, Gray believed that furniture should ‘lose its individuality and merge into the architectural whole!’. During the day the discrete and movable piece of furniture could be used as a relaxing spot to sit and read and a bed for guests at night. Today the day bed is still popular and I think it’s precisely because of its versatility. As living, dining and eating spaces merge into one, so the functions of our furniture need to be adaptable. A day bed could be used as a soft welcome in the hallway, for an extra place …

catesthill-argos-transform-your-room-2 copy

Argos Transform Your Room challenge

A little while ago I was challenged by Argos, along with two other lovely interiors bloggers – Caroline of Patchwork Harmony and Jesse of Hecticophilia – to style a blank room completely from scratch. The Transform Your Room challenge was such a fun, utterly creative project and I’m so pleased to finally be able to show you the results now, not only of the finished space, but a video of the design process – my first venture into vlogging! I think it must be an interior stylist’s dream (or perhaps nightmare, I don’t know!) to get their hands on a bare room that they can do whatever they like with. At first I was a little daunted by the task, I’ve styled bits and pieces at home and corners of brand’s shops for various blogger events, but never on this scale (and with a camera in my face!). Naturally shy, I’ve previously preferred to keep two feet firmly grounded behind the lens… But, in an exciting move, I had recently started advising friends, family and new-found clients on interior projects, so this was …


10 must-have Spring cushions for the home

It definitely feels like Spring is just around the corner, the sun’s beginning to show it’s face, it’s getting lighter in the evenings and Spring bulbs are starting to crop up everywhere. During the winter months, the balcony of my flat might as well not exist, but after a little trip to Columbia Road flower market at the weekend, a cluster of hyacinths and daffodil sprouts are quietly making their home there. If you’re anything like me, you’ll like a Spring clean inside too. One of the easiest, commitment-free (compared to an entire wall of wallpaper for example) and sometimes cheapest ways to spruce up a home, in my opinion, is with a good old cushion. Here are ten lovely, Spring-like cushions to get you in the mood for sunshine and fresh breezes; my favourites are the cool blue tones of Marimekko’s Meriheinä cushion (3) and Nautical objects cushion by Rosie Moss for Heal’s (8). Inspired by mid-century textiles and British vernacular art, the cushion mixes maritime motifs in a charming print (who doesn’t like a Breton …


Space Craft exhibition, Platform Gallery at Habitat

Space Craft, an exhibition by the Crafts Council held at Habitat’s Platform gallery on the King’s Road, explores the relationship between making and the built environment. The exhibition brings together two disciplines, often considered as separate, and presents work by architects, designers and artists inspired by materiality and physical space. Their engagement with architecture  in this exhibition isn’t expressed in the depiction of buildings or drawings cityscapes– their work is architectural in an abstract sense, using materials and techniques to build form and create a sense of space. For example, artist and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman showed a collection of 3D-printed and slip-cast pieces in vibrant Ettore Sottsass-style colour, created during his residency at the Design Museum last year. Jeweller Ute Decker exhibited wearable sculptures that can be reconfigured into a multitude of different configurations by the user, while Studio Weave’s Paleys upon Pilers model displayed an intricate timber construction that marks the spot of Aldgate, London and commemorates its most distinguished resident, Geoffrey Chaucer. My favourite piece though, was Flea Folly Architects’ Grimm City, …


Christmas at our house

We’ve been getting into the festive spirit here at my house, it’s the first time I’ve properly had a living room so I really wanted to make it pretty. I’ve mixed a few shop bought items with some decorations I made myself, such as the pom-poms on the tree and the silver paper bunting (which is really easy to make). I chose the cream knitted tree from Habitat as an alternative to a traditional Christmas tree and added some cute animals, including the must-have sausage dog! My favourites, though, are the three stars made out of maps of England, which are from a small shop at the base of the OXO tower on the South Bank.