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Sustainable cushions and home accessories from Happy + Co

Sustainable cushions and home accessories from Happy + Co

Today I want to introduce you to one of my favourite home interiors brands of the moment – Happy + Co. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen their black and white striped cushion popping up in my photos. It’s a piece that has in many ways inspired the design direction of my living room – focusing on a monochrome colour palette and lots of simple, clean lines. Now I want to delve a little deeper and tell you more about Happy + Co’s back story and socially responsible ethos. ‘We believe happiness starts at home. It’s a philosophy that informs all that we do and every product we design.’ Happy + Co creates smart, sustainable furniture and home accessories that are designed to brighten up the home and be noticed. There’s hand screen-printed cotton cushion covers with bold, eye-catching patterns, handcrafted mugs stamped with the brand’s signature cross, and best-selling monochrome tableware.     The designs are inspired by the team’s travels, whether it’s Bondi palms, Bogong butterflies or Palm Beach. But more than just taking from a place and …

I wish I lived here: a light, calm living room

I wish I lived here: 3 light, calm living rooms

We’re deep into our renovations of our living room and kitchen in our new house at the moment (I’ll share a little progress report shortly, once all the dust has settled… literally) so all my thoughts have been on the little interior finishing touches which will make it home; paint swatches and tiling patterns, lighting plans and deliberating over plug switches, trawling reclamation yards in search of the perfect-sized floorboards (plus the other uglier truths I’ll just briefly brush over… overflowing toilets, inexplicable leaks, holes in the ceiling, dirt, dust, more dirt, more destruction). Anyway, if I try to project forward to a time when it will all be clean and clear of workmen, I picture a light, calm living space, something a bit like these three beautiful rooms I came across on Stadshem below, I hope. In keeping with this light, bright theme, I’ve noticed lots of living spaces forgoing dark hues and moody colours in favour of white or cream sofas. Perhaps not the most practical of colours, but they do appeal to …

at{mine} – a new online community for home and design lovers

I love sneaking a look inside people’s homes; I can spend hours trawling through Pinterest, flicking through interiors magazines, or my favourite past time – walking down a lovely row of Georgian terraced houses and peering into their big windows, checking out what’s inside and how the owners have decorated their living rooms (no really!). If you’re anything like me then, you’ll love new online community at{mine}. Set up by founders Ia Bergman and Helena Benelbas, both former executives at Goldman Sachs, it was previously only visible to beta members (you might remember April’s Styling the Seasons was created in collaboration with at{mine}), but has now fully launched to the public. Together in one place you’ll find like-minded people, creatives and bloggers opening the doors to their homes and sharing decorating and interiors tips. Members can upload photos, tag the sources of the products and be inspired by other real interiors. You can find me at{cate st hill}. Say founders Ia and Helena: ‘When visiting homes of friends and family, inevitably someone would say ‘I love this, where did you get it …

I wish I lived here: black and white in Norway

This home in Torpa, Norway, a few hours north of Oslo, takes my love of white walls to the next level– literally everything, from the walls to the floors, from the furniture to the pictures hanging on the walls, is white. The light and airiness of the flat is further emphasised with white cabinets and shelves lifted off the floor and lots of interesting hanging lights, be it a simple flex and bulb or a shiny reflective copper dome. And they even have as many mis-matched chairs as I do at home! The best bit though is the desk space in the bedroom, with its modern take on fluorescent strip lighting.         Images: Vastanhem