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best of mid century armchairs

Best of mid-century style armchairs

I get quite a few messages asking me where I got my mid-century armchair in my living room from. It’s an eBay buy, one of those lucky finds that you come across so rarely. It was a bargain at about £150 and I had to fix the seat myself. It’s got such a clean, simple silhouette, inspired by Scandinavian modernism (there’s no date or label on it so I can’t be sure where it’s from) and it’s probably the comfiest seat in the house. eBay can be a bit hit and miss, and it’s certainly a patient waiting game to find the right thing you’re looking for. But not every one has the time to scroll endlessly through sites sourcing vintage designs, nor know where to look beyond the obvious places online. So I thought I would do the hard work for you and compile together 10 of the best mid-century style armchairs out there. I’ve tried to cater for all budgets, there’s contemporary takes on mid-century chairs from high-street stores and more expensive, original designs from specialist vintage shops. …