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The daily ritual of coffee making with Stelton - the Theo range by Stelton

The daily ritual of coffee making with Stelton

I used to hate the taste of coffee, now I can’t get enough of the stuff. My morning coffee is one of my favourite moments of the day and one of the first things I do when I wake up – a few quiet minutes of calm just to myself, to slowly wake up and come to before the day really begins. During the week I’m a get-up-and-go kind of girl, the more time spent in bed the better, so a quick touch of my coffee machine is my saviour. At the weekends, the pace slows down and I can brew a large, steaming pot to treasure over a big pile of books and magazines in bed. As my coffee habits have grown and matured, so has my eye for all the paraphernalia that comes with it – amassing dozens of teacups and mugs in all shapes and sizes, French presses and milk jugs in the process. But I always ended up using the same cup day in day out. Now, instead of leaving all the best …

Your Home Needs This- Cylinda line by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton-3

Your Home Needs This: Cylinda-line by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton

So in my regular series Your Homes Needs This, profiling design classics and timeless pieces of furniture that I feel everyone should have in their home, we have so far: Aalto’s vase, Lassen’s candleholder, Wegner’s chair and Saarinen’s table, to name a few. Picture this lovely scene and, if you’re partial to a cup of tea to quench the thirst, or even the odd tipple, then you might just need some cocktail and tableware in there too. Step in the subject of today’s post – the Cylinda-line designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen for design brand Stelton. Designed in 1967, and celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the series has become a true classic, synonymous with Scandinavian sophistication and a spot of mid-century glamour. The clean lines, instantly recognisable handle and elongated spout have helped secure its place in design’s hall of fame. From elegant coffee pots, tea pots and creamers to ice buckets, martini mixers and the revolving ashtray, together they are now the essence of Stelton’s DNA and the centrepiece of its portfolio of high quality Scandinavian designs. I’ve written about Arne Jacobsen …