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Simple stoneware by Mleko Living

Simple stoneware by Mleko Living

I do love simple, hand-crafted ceramics, and today you’re in for a treat. I want to introduce you to Mleko Living, a Kraków-based design studio with a mission to simplify and improve our everyday lives. The studio was founded in 2017 by Katarzyna Goluszka and Michal Zaluski after they developed a mutual interest in architecture, aesthetics and design while living in different European cities. They have just launched a lovely, new collection of stoneware products for daily use titled Canvas. The lookbook you can see below is beautifully fresh and simple, highlighting the beauty of the material and clean design. Natural and relaxed, the images show the pieces in use, with gently creased linen, ringed coffee stains and delicate greenery. Very spring-like – it really is like a breath of fresh air! They say, ‘The objects act as a plain canvas, which we paint upon. The pieces bring ease and harmony into our everyday life and leave us room for assigning meaning and value.’ The collection is handmade in a family-run ceramic factory in southern Poland and comprises a bowl, flowerpot, vase, carafe and mug. …

Your Home Needs This- Cylinda line by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton-3

Your Home Needs This: Cylinda-line by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton

So in my regular series Your Homes Needs This, profiling design classics and timeless pieces of furniture that I feel everyone should have in their home, we have so far: Aalto’s vase, Lassen’s candleholder, Wegner’s chair and Saarinen’s table, to name a few. Picture this lovely scene and, if you’re partial to a cup of tea to quench the thirst, or even the odd tipple, then you might just need some cocktail and tableware in there too. Step in the subject of today’s post – the Cylinda-line designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen for design brand Stelton. Designed in 1967, and celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the series has become a true classic, synonymous with Scandinavian sophistication and a spot of mid-century glamour. The clean lines, instantly recognisable handle and elongated spout have helped secure its place in design’s hall of fame. From elegant coffee pots, tea pots and creamers to ice buckets, martini mixers and the revolving ashtray, together they are now the essence of Stelton’s DNA and the centrepiece of its portfolio of high quality Scandinavian designs. I’ve written about Arne Jacobsen …

Image courtesy: by Lassen

Your Home Needs This: by Lassen’s Kubus 4 candleholder

For this week’s ‘Your Home Needs This’, I’m looking at by Lassen’s Kubus 4 candleholder – a classic design you’ll have seen over and over again in beautifully styled Scandinavian homes. Designed by Danish architect Mogens Lassen, a pioneer of Danish Functionalism, the Kubus 4, as the name suggests, is a minimal cube-shaped frame topped with four slender cylinders for candles. Like many designs it took a while to come into fruition, finally taking the shape we know and love in 1962. But, good things come to those who wait. It may have been created over 50 years ago, but the Kubus 4 shows no sign of going out of fashion or losing its allure – for me, it’s a truly timeless design that would not look out of place in the portfolios of many young contemporary designers making waves out there today. Lassen designed the Kubus 4 as a reaction against the overtly decorative and elaborative candleholders found in homes of the time. Inspired by the Bauhaus and its geometric shapes, he believed good …

Introducing… Tylko + GIVEAWAY

Thank you for all your entries, this giveaway has now closed. Congratulations Iza! Let me introduce you to Tylko, who came onto my radar at last year’s London Design Festival. Tylko is a Warsaw-based start-up with big ambitions to change the designer furniture industry by letting customers customise pieces to their tastes, wants and needs. Their aim is to provide a bespoke experience, to make it digital and revolutionise how people design, adapt and build unique pieces of furniture. Tylko has handpicked a roster of well-known and emerging designers who have designed adaptable shelves, tables and kitchenware for them. They have also developed an app through which customers can adapt these designer pieces and visualise them in their own home. Augmented reality allows 3D images of to-scale items to be virtually placed in a real space, but not only that, you’re able to adjust dimensions, colours and sizes, all in the app, until it’s right – how clever is that? It’s that personal connection that’s the interesting part, allowing you to not just rely on a designer to produce a nice piece of furniture, but …

Summer inspiration at Another Country’s Marylebone store

I’ve previously written about Marylebone’s new shop, Another Country (have a reminder here); it’s a contemporary craft furniture company set up by the founding publisher of Wallpaper* magazine. At the weekend they kindly invited me, along with fellow blogger Lucy from Decorenvy (check out her post here), to style up their products at their showroom in Marylebone, a stone’s throw away from the High Street. Another Country’s designs are just my sort of style: modest, well-designed and sustainably manufactured. They say: Our designs are inspired by archetype, calling on the familiar and unpretentious forms of British Country kitchen style, Shaker, traditional Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork for inspiration. We make use of traditional and modern craft techniques, endeavour to produce our product and run our business in a sustainable and responsible manner, and design for products to last. So they have simple three-legged stools, elegant solid wood dining tables and a collection of accessories, from ceramics to linen napkins. These are complemented by David Mellor cutlery, bespoke linen by 31 Chapel Lane and Ian McIntyre pottery. For our styling session we wanted …

Varpunen + Iittala

  Finnish blogger Susanna Vento of Varpunen showed off some photos of her collaboration with Scandinavian homeware brand Iittala this week. Susanna has shot four Christmas themed photoshoots of Iittala’s new home interior range, which features lights, lanterns, plywood boxes and bags made out of felt for home storage as well as ceramics and cookware. The Vakka plywood boxes in the images are designed by Elina and Klaus Aalto and come in white and wood with contrasting bottoms, while Harri Koskinen’s 1999 Lantern, a sculptured candle holder, has been reborn as an electrical version. Keep an eye out on Susanna’s blog for the next three photoshoots for Iittala here. Lantern-valaisimet // Lantern lights // Iittala Essence Plus -kuohuviinilasit itsenäisyyspäivän kilistelyille // Essence Plus glasses // Iittala Marmorikulho // marble bowl // flea market find Marmorilaatta // marble tiles // Bauhaus Koristenauha // garland // DIY

Essential Tableware by Tracie Hervy

New York-based potter and designer Tracie Hervy has created a collection of handmade ceramic tableware inspired by the simplicity of prehistoric vessels. The plates and cups could be easily mistaken for historical artifacts excavated from an archaeologist’s dig, they have the look of ancient Roman pottery, but are in fact, made from porcelain and are light and delicate. I really like how the making process is revealed with imperfections, bumpy seams and marbled colours. “What I love about pottery is that it’s an art that can be held in the hand. It’s part of your everyday,” Tracie says, ” It doesn’t strive for a machine like perfection…one exactly like the other.  Its goals are more humanistic.  Each piece a new discovery.  They are part of the same family, generated from a similar idea, but each one attempting to explore a new possibility.” Don’t forget to support Tracie’s Kickstarter campaign here. And objects from a previous collection..