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Vipp bathroom - 5 simple bathroom collections for the design conscious

6 simple bathroom collections for the design conscious

My bathroom is the least bit pretty but I thought I would dream a little and share with you 6 simple bathroom collections for the design conscious out there. From modular vanity units to smooth, sculptural bath tubs, I think you’ll appreciate these minimalist, well-crafted designs just as much as me. Mya Collection by Studio Altherr for Burgbad Launched this year, Barcelona-based Studio Altherr has designed a bathroom collection for Burgbad inspired by traditional Shaker furniture. Reducing the design to the bare essentials, the new Mya collection brings past and present together with a focus on natural materials, craftsmanship and an appreciation of simplicity. Studio Altherr describes the ethos as ‘warm minimalism’. It feels very Japanese too me. The collection comprises a vanity unit, stool, full-length mirror, towel rack and room divider. The simple pieces are made of solid oak, with slender, rounded legs and dovetail-jointed drawers. Real wood veneer is used for the fronts and frames, with leather handles, while the tops of vanity units are finished in white ceramic with a softly rounded washbasin. Nothing is superfluous, joints and hardware …

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I’m dreaming of… a new bathroom

I often think that the bathroom can be one of the most neglected spaces in a home. Left to one side, it can be a place to whirl through in the morning routine or shut the door on at night; a space often with the least natural light, at the back of a house or squeezed into the smallest corner, which gets damp and stuffy without the love and care taken for its more glamorous neighbours next door, the living room or bedroom. We’ve just put our humble abode on the market (you can see it here) and I must say I’m a bit embarrassed about the bathroom. It’s boring and ugly, certainly not a space you would want to linger in and have a long bath. We decorated on the cheap; it’s functional but you only spend as much time as you need to there. But, how I’d love to have a lovely bathroom where I could pamper and relax in. So, as we look for a new home, I’ve been day-dreaming about my perfect bathroom, …