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I wish I lived here: white and light grey create a calm interior

I wish I lived here: white and light grey create a calm interior

How about this for a lovely, calm Scandinavian interior? It’s so beautifully and simply put together, from the light grey walls and neutral-coloured furnishings, to the centrepiece sculptural objects and artwork on display. Stepping into this home, I imagine you would feel instantly at ease. There’s something very relaxed and inviting about that soft, beige linen sofa, the reclining, leather armchair and the artfully rustic, wooden dining table with its grey Fritz Hansen chairs gathered around it. I think it shows that you only need a few key, standout pieces – a delicate, glass bubble ceiling light, a well-chosen dining chair or even a giant shell! – to create a stunning, timeless interior. When can I move in? Shop the look: What do you think, could you live here? All images: Alvhem, styling Sarah Widman

I wish I lived here: bright, white interior inspiration for Spring

I wish I lived here: bright, white interior inspiration for Spring

I’m back with another ‘I wish I lived here post’. And let me tell you, this one is the dream apartment – fresh, white walls, exposed, whitewashed floorboards and beautiful period details. Just look at the ornate frame around the door to the bedroom. The space is light, airy and perfect for some white interior inspiration this Spring. I can just imagine how the sunlight might flood in through those tall windows on a bright day, or coming back from a market with a big bunch of fragrant greenery and slouching onto that sofa with all its linen cushions. Bliss! There’s lots of simple ideas to steal from this minimal space, whether it’s pairing old with new – the gilded mirror and chandelier somehow just works with the sharp, white table and black bentwood chairs. I wouldn’t have put those in that space, but it adds a bit of detail without being over the top. Or adding lots of textures to the bed to make it look inviting, or even wrapping some cheap white cloth around an old pendant …

white bathroom

I’m dreaming of… a new bathroom

I often think that the bathroom can be one of the most neglected spaces in a home. Left to one side, it can be a place to whirl through in the morning routine or shut the door on at night; a space often with the least natural light, at the back of a house or squeezed into the smallest corner, which gets damp and stuffy without the love and care taken for its more glamorous neighbours next door, the living room or bedroom. We’ve just put our humble abode on the market (you can see it here) and I must say I’m a bit embarrassed about the bathroom. It’s boring and ugly, certainly not a space you would want to linger in and have a long bath. We decorated on the cheap; it’s functional but you only spend as much time as you need to there. But, how I’d love to have a lovely bathroom where I could pamper and relax in. So, as we look for a new home, I’ve been day-dreaming about my perfect bathroom, …

I wish I lived here: all white is alright in Gothenburg

I love the cleanliness of fresh white walls, just like in this white home in Gothenburg. The space looks so light and airy, especially with the painted white floorboards in the kitchen and sanded floorboards in the living space. It sets off those black Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs and mid-century dining table nicely – I often think furniture like that looks best against a plain backdrop. And you know how I can’t resist a set of String shelves! Normally you would think to put them halfway between the floor and ceiling, but I quite like how they are positioned just off the ground, in a row of three, with space for posters above. It almost gives the impression of a sideboard, but much lighter and minimal. A beautiful Scandi space, but could you live with all white walls? All images Anders Bergstedt for Entrance

I wish I lived here: all white in Gothenburg

Over the last couple of days the light has been flooding into the flat – it makes such a difference, everything looks just a little bit happier and brighter, instead of dark and dingy. I’ve even been opening the balcony doors a fraction during the day and having lunch on the cusp of alfresco (not quite when I still have woolly socks and a jumper on…)! When we first decorated our flat we painted all the walls white, more for ease and laziness than anything else, but they do bounce the light around wonderfully, even when there aren’t any blue skies outside – a bit like this home in Gothenburg. They’ve gone one step closer and painted the floorboards white as well. It’s a lovely bright and airy space, emphasised by the white wire furniture (that plant stand below is amazing!), white light fittings and white framed posters. I love how the dark, vintage furniture stands out against the white and the smatterings of greenery that bring the place to life. All images: Stadshem

A calm, neutral home by Studio Oink

I very recently wrote about German design duo Studio Oink (see it here), they’ve become a bit of an obsession of mine of late (just check out their instagram account and you’ll see why…). They’re a sort of three-in-one –or at least multiple-in-one – design practice; they do both interior design, styling and photography. This is another of their projects for German furniture brand Stattmann Neue Mobel, for which they did the art direction, location scouting, styling and photography in their characteristic style that balances poetry and function, simplicity and playfulness. The images look so calm and soft, perfectly complimenting the smooth rounded edges of the wooden tables and chairs. I can’t wait to see more from this design duo (pssst… don’t you just love the bunting?!). Imagery and styling by Studio Oink

Dar Mim by Septembre architects

Paris-based architect Septembre has completed the renovation and extension of a traditional courtyard house in the historic heart of the city Hammamet in Tunisia (incidentally, as I write this post, I can’t help but hum along to Earth, Wind & Fire’s September… “do you rememberrr, the 21st night of Septemberrr, ba duda, badu, ba duda…). As January sets in, with its dark and wet weather here in London, this blindingly-bright home is the perfect remedy. It makes me want to book a holiday immediately, pack my bags and say goodbye to stormy England. The building itself was converted piecemeal over time, retaining a mixture of solids and voids that provide light and much-needed natural ventilation. The project organises the main living spaces around two open courtyards, creating a series of horizontal and vertical connections. All the woodwork and metalwork were made by local artisans, while traditional plaster and limewash has been used to create the whiter-than-white exterior walls. A two-story extension features a guest room and its own terrace accessed from a new staircase. There’s …

I wish I lived here: a clean, white Swedish home

As soon as it turned January 1st I had the urge to tear down all the Christmas decorations and have a spring (or winter) clean. Just as people like to make resolutions for their body, to be leaner and fitter, so I like my home to go on a detox: clean surfaces, fresh flowers and new magazines on the coffee table. I would love my home to be as clean and white as this one in Gothenburg; I love the white washed floors and white walls. It just looks so fresh, but the suede sofa and rustic wooden table stop it from looking too cold. What I would do for that light turquoise Smeg fridge too! This leather chair looks so comfy, while the unit raised off the ground extends the room slightly and makes it look bigger.   These black cafe chairs and rustic wooden table look great against the white walls. I spy my favourite String shelving unit… All images: Stadshem

Apartment Wiesbaden by Studio Oink

I’m in love with this apartment by German design practice Studio Oink, it’s just so light and airy with its washed out plywood joinery and white walls. Set up last November, Studio Oink is made up of Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller, who combine their skills for styling, interior design and photography to create beautiful projects such as this one. This small apartment in Wiesbaden, Germany, has a lovely natural atmosphere with original wood flooring and subtly glazed ceramic tiles in the kitchen. Most of the furniture has been tailor-made for the owner to increase space and storage; one of the beds, for example, is raised on a base of plywood cupboards, while another quietly floats above some shelving in the living room. I also spy my favourite String shelving. They say: We love to communicate with each room, and feel the atmosphere in it. It is important to know the “room vibrations” and the preferences of the owner to create an unique room feeling and room concept. Every room is tailor-made for their use and their …

I wish I lived here: a calming Scandinavian home with a festive touch

Just a quick post today. While searching for Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decor for my tree this year, I came across this calming Swedish home on the property website Stadshem. Here, they have kept the decorations to a bare minimum, but there’s still a hint of festivity, with a mini potted fir tree in the living room as well as sprouting hyacinth bulbs in glass jars on the dining room table. I immediately did the same at home this weekend using old Bonne Maman jam jars; super simple and super easy. They make a very quick but beautiful centrepiece for the Christmas table, especially if you add the odd tealight to bounce light off the shiny glass. Aside from the vaguely Christmas spirit, I love the stripped floorboards and white walls, made cosy with the patterned cushions and a scattering of HAY side tables. Images: Stadshem, styled by Emma Hos