Your Home Needs This #01: Vitra toolbox

‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ – William Morris

I’m starting a new series on the blog – ‘Your Home Needs This’ – where each week I will profile one must-have design object that is on my wishlist or in my own home; you know, those little objects you keep seeing everywhere and really, really want (and have done for ages). The name came out of the way I make excuses for buying new objects for myself, often telling myself – ‘I need this in my life’, ‘it would look perfect here’, ‘it really would complete the room’, ‘oh, that would be really useful’, any excuse really…!

Yet, I’m not just talking about buying needlessly, I am all too wary of the digitally-driven need to constantly consume and purchase the next ‘It’ item. I like my furniture and products in my home to be built to last – my favourite items, that I will keep forever, are my Eames DAW chair, my Alvar Aalto vase for Iittala and also my Aalto Artek 60 stool, for example. In this series, I aim to feature beautiful, functional objects that make life that little bit easier. They’ll be simply designed, well-made, sometimes handcrafted, and always timeless across trends, and indeed generations.

First up: the Vitra toolbox. I’ve wanted one for absolutely aaages and I’m finally giving in and getting one for my home office. It’s in the process of a mini-makeover and I want to declutter and simplify things, so it will be perfect for organising all the office bits and bobs. There’s myriad ways to use it though:

Source above and below: A Merry Mishap, Top: Time of the Aquarius


The Vitra toolbox was designed by Paris-based Arik Levy in 2010. Made of injected moulded plastic, it is practical and functional, with a handle to carry it around and several different sized portions for organising materials and accessories. It can be used to store pencils, pens, scissors and notebooks in an office; bedside knick-knacks, hand cream and hair ties; salt, pepper and spices in a kitchen; or lotions and potions in a bathroom – so handy, I could do with one in every room…!

What would you use yours for? Are there any items you’ve been lusting after for ages but haven’t justified buying them yet?

Source: Varpunen

Source: Coco Lapine Design

Source: Susanna Vento on at{mine}

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  3. Ah, it’s lovely. Perfect bathroom caddy I’ve been looking for. And not very expensive!

    • I know it’s very reasonable! Would be so useful for all the lotions and potions in a bathroom, maybe I’ll get two! x

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