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Best of bar carts

Who wouldn’t like a bar cart in their home? A little extra surface in the home to display your best glassware and prettiest bottles, where come 8pm (ok, maybe 6pm) the cocktail shaker’s rattling, the ice cubes are clinking and the bubbles are fizzing. Whether it’s a lovingly aged industrial style, a mid-century wooden design or minimal black affair, they’re perfect for home entertaining. Just add a record player, some vintage tunes and you’re rocking.

But, while we all enjoy a tipple every now and then, they also double up as a space to curate your favourite objects, design books and plants. I love a multi-purpose piece of design; it can be a shelving unit by day, a trolley for tea come the afternoon, and home to a set of candles or lamp for some moody lighting come nighttime. Plus if it’s on wheels, you can wheel it around to suit the space, use it as a coffee table or push it against the wall (is it just me who likes to move the furniture around every so often?!). Here I’ve gathered some inspiration on how you could style a bar cart, with some favourites of my own.

bar cart, via Fantastic Frank
photography: Mikael Axelsson, styling: Emma Wallmén, via Fantastic Frank
Alvar Aalto 901 trolley for Artek
courtesy Artek

At the pricier end of the spectrum there’s modernist architect Alvar Aalto’s classic 901 trolley for Artek. Designed in 1936, this trolley was inspired by British tea culture and Japanese carpentry and architecture. The 901 version features an elegant, bent birch wood frame with two linoleum trays, while a later version, 900, has a wicker basket for extra storage.

I’m always one for investing in a timeless classic, but there’s also some really lovely, affordable designs at the other end, such as Ikea’s popular Raskog trolley – slim and sturdy it’s perfect for small spaces – at £49.00, or Normann Copenhagen’s stylish block table designed by Simon Legald which can easily be moved about at £169.00. It comes in a lovely peach and pastel mint colour, making decisions all the harder!

best of bar carts
1: Normann Copenhagen Block side table,, £169.00, 2: Lene Bjerre depot tray table, Houseology, £449.00 3: Udden trolley, Ikea, £50.00, 4: Artek 901 trolley,, £1471.00 5: Raskog trolley, Ikea, £49.00, 6: Blaine bar trolley, Swoon Editions, £139.00, 7: Iron trolley, Out There Interiors, £250.00
bar cart
stylist: Joanna Bagge/Kvart interior, photography: Jonas Berg, Stadshem, via my scandinavian home
best of bar carts
Drinks trolley, Oliver Bonas, £350.00
best of bar carts
photography: Line Thit Klein, via Nordic Design
Rose and Grey bar cart
Industrial trolley, Rose and Grey, £155

Here I’ve also gathered some pretty things from my shop to help you get the look, simply click on each product to view details, happy cocktail making!

display plants on a bar cart
via skona hem

I love the bar cart’s versatility, whether it’s for mixing up your favourite cocktail, a place to store all your coffee and tea-making gadgetry in the kitchen, an extra surface for piles of magazines, or a space for houseplants. It could also be used as a bedside table or to organise stationery and craft bits in a home office. Whatever the use, I think I’ll call that cocktail o’clock!

What would you use yours for?

Main image: houseology via my scandinavian home

  1. Yes, the Normann Copenhagen design has been flirting with me for years now. One day…although I think I’d using it for the ever-increasing collection of plants! x

  2. What a fun post, made me smile – love the gold one and the one with big wheels!

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  4. Oh how I love these. The wooden/vintage bar cart from Nordic Design is just heavenly!

  5. You’ve convinced me that I absolutely need a drinks trolley – and I’ll be on the lookout for one just like that in the image underneath the Oliver Bonas one – though all you have shown are just gorgeous, and the accessories.

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  7. What a lovely selection of bar carts! Oh for a G&T…

  8. I had one that I found in a skip about 10 years ago. It’s art deco. My mum kept it safe for me and now won’t give it back as she has fallen in love with it! I want to use it as a side table by my sofa. Love this post

  9. I’m always lusting over bar carts – at some point that Normann Copenhagen one will be mine! 🙂

  10. Great selection Cate. I have an old wooden one that actually belonged to my parents and it goes everywhere with me. I love it. x

  11. Oh I love these- I cant decide which I like best! We’ve got a drinks cabinet so little hands are less tempted but these are very lovely

  12. Yes! I’d love a bar cart (the Rose & Grey Industrial one is so nice!) and I’m sure I could squeeze it in…somewhere…if I tried really hard… 😉 Great selection and post. xo

  13. Thanks so much for including our trolley, Cate! Really love this post; completely agree that every home needs a bar cart!

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