Pamphlet Architecture- Stasus

The winner of the Pamphlet Architecture 32 competition, organised by Princeton Architectural Press, was recently announced as Stasus. They describe themselves as a collaboration, where explorations and forays into the unknown are attempted, documented and mapped. The two founders, Matt Ozga-Lawn and James A. Craig see Stasus as a rich and divergent zone for the discourse on architecture and its interrelated fields and discipline. The theme this year was ‘Resilience’, which Stasus used to showcase their work undertaken in Warsaw from 2007 to 2009.The intent of the book is described below: 

“A sprawling, unplanned city centre threatens a desolate landscape that still embodies many resilient aspects of the city. In many ways, the “value” of this landscape, though barren, could be said to exceed that of the new centre. The profound additional meanings inherent to a disused rail track in Warsaw, for example, eclipse the meanings inherent to a city block of financial skyscrapers. Rather than replace or erase these attributes, we aimed to augment the resiliency of the meanings that were embodied in every element of the landscape we stumbled across. As our design process progressed this methodology spread to every aspect of our thinking.”


Photos: From forthcoming, Pamphlet 32 by Stasus

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