The 30 Art Project by Elise Wehle


How beautifully delicate are these collages and paper-cutting compositions by California-based artist Elise Wehle! They remind me of childhood snowflake paper patterns but a hundred times better. This particular project was created after Wehle graduated from the BFA in Utah. Her and a couple of artist friends found it really hard to keep making art every day without a strict school schedule, so they decided that the 30 Art Project would be the perfect remedy. They challenged themselves to make a different piece of art every two days until they reached 30 works, et voila!

Wehle says of her work: “I make the art I do to pull me away from the increasingly digital world that surrounds me. Every day I spend so much time in front of a glowing screen that sometimes I forget I possess five bodily senses and not just one or two.

“Making art makes me conscious of my hands again, and all of my work requires time-intensive, redundant movements that remind me that not everything is as instantaneous as a click of a mouse. By weaving together paper, cutting lines, and folding shapes, I manipulate drawings, photos, and prints to create new landscapes for me to explore.”

Be sure to check out her work at and her prints on Uncommon Goods

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  1. Very beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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