I wish I lived here: all the right shades of grey and cream in Gothenburg


So it’s back to the grind for me, and back to lusting over dreamy Scandi homes (keep an eye out – there’ll be a few posts later in the week with some snaps from my trip to Malaysia last week)! This home is in Gothenburg and I love all the neutral shades of grey and cream, they’ve got it spot on with the colours in my opinion – the painted grey floorboards contrasted with the buffed-up vintage wooden furniture and the soft creamy accessories. The owners have also made the most of the little space they’ve got, with that teeny tiny kitchen tucked into an alcove, it’s small, just enough to cook up something for one person, but it certainly is charming. I could easily while away a cosy night in here, candlelit and with a glass of wine… couldn’t you?

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All images: Stadshem

  1. Stunning. I wrote a post about my love for grey last week – this place sums it up perfectly!

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