Styling the Seasons: June

It seems like ages since I’ve done a Styling the Seasons post, I sadly missed out May’s – something about getting a book finished and then going on holiday made May breeze past in a blink of an eye (!) – but I’m back with these beauteous peonies for one of my favourite months!

So, what does June mean for me? Well, I’m still desperately trying to cling onto the calm and tranquility from my holiday in Malaysia – we spent two weeks relaxing and recharging after a stressful few months, and as work and city life begins to pick up again, I’m trying to keep in mind those moments of peace, when the hardest decision we had to make was where to lay our towels, and where the sound of the sea could gently lull us to sleep. Hence the calm and lightness in the images here, I’ve simply styled my dining table with a lovely soft French linen table cloth to give it a summery feel. Alongside is a soothing cup of tea, because there’s nothing like coming back from a holiday, putting the kettle on and making a cup of tea, your way (mine’s earl grey, weak, no milk, no sugar).

I also, of course, couldn’t miss out on peony season and had to capture these pretty pink blooms. I love how they start as tight little knots and slowly expand to frothy layers of candy floss-esque beauty – a little reminder that the weather’s getting warmer. They’re definitely one of my favourite flowers, especially in this lovely vintage French enamel jug, bought from a brocante market on Ile de Re last summer. I wanted a bit of a relaxed, French feel to this Styling the Seasons.

If you look closely, there’s also some small, little remnants of our holiday, I didn’t bring back any souvenirs apart from a couple of pieces of coral from the beaches on the Perhentian islands, they may not be much, but I know I will always look at them, sitting on my shelves, and remember that perfect holiday. – Styling the Seasons – June – Styling the Seasons – – Styling the Seasons – June – Styling the Seasons – June – Styling the Seasons – June – Styling the Seasons – June – Styling the Seasons – June – Styling the Seasons – June – Styling the Seasons – June

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All images my own

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  2. This is simply beautiful. I love absolutely everything about it! The linen, the peonies, enamel jug – too, too good! Xx

    • Thankyou Katy! I tried to keep it simple and summery, wish I could have peonies all year round! X

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