I wish I lived here: all white is alright in Gothenburg


I love the cleanliness of fresh white walls, just like in this white home in Gothenburg. The space looks so light and airy, especially with the painted white floorboards in the kitchen and sanded floorboards in the living space. It sets off those black Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs and mid-century dining table nicely – I often think furniture like that looks best against a plain backdrop.

And you know how I can’t resist a set of String shelves! Normally you would think to put them halfway between the floor and ceiling, but I quite like how they are positioned just off the ground, in a row of three, with space for posters above. It almost gives the impression of a sideboard, but much lighter and minimal. A beautiful Scandi space, but could you live with all white walls?

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All images Anders Bergstedt for Entrance

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