favourite instagrammers to follow

My top 9 favourite Instagrammers to follow

In need of some inspiration at the start of the new year? I’ve gathered together nine of my favourite Instagrammers whose beautiful composed and styled images I’ve been lusting over for some time. From mouthwatering bakes and recipes, through pretty street corners, to bunches of bright blooms, this lot have creativity and style in abundance.

Simply click on each image to be lead to their profile!


Why: her super-cute captions and lovely British style
What: yummy cakes, Swedish fika, the best coffee shops in London, and pretty streets

instagram - @littlelottieloves


Why: for the charm of Amsterdam
What: charmingly crooked Amsterdam doorways, coffee haunts, brunch spots and perfectly propped up bicycles

instagram - @maevdkrogt


Why: for that little Parisian je ne sais quoi and her inspiring quotes
What: croissants, bustling Parisian cafes, views over the Seine, and windowsills of flowers

instagram - @jasminetartine


Why: her laid-back but super-cool style and top Olympus Pen tips
What: outfit posts, covetable wears, chunky knits, coffee and east London haunts

instagram - @stylonylon


Why: her beautiful compositions and lightness of touch
What: wild, foraged blooms, the pinkest roses, sweet delights and homely table settings

instagram - @abbie_melle


Why: for the little details
What: minimal compositions, cafe corners, eclectic building fronts and rustling leaves

instagram - @emelievancamp


Why: for a bit of Parisian style and someone you’d like to sit down with for coffee
What: #coffeeandseasons, pretty Paris, handhold bunches of blooms, and warming cups of tea

instagram - @marieinmay


Why: because her blog is brilliant, and so is her instagram
What: sneak peeks of her interior projects, tasty treats, travels, textures and details

instagram - @holly_avenuelifestyle


Why: her shots of beautiful rows of houses
What: picturesque Bath, Bristol, stunning towering cakes, croissants and more

instagram - @monalogue

…and you can find me @catesthill, see you there! What’s your handle? Have you got any favourites?

  1. I’m following you now Cate (my IG is @mollyandtheprincess). Lovely IG accounts you have shared – thank you. I’ve realised I have to change my attitude to Instagram – I always thought it should stick to its origins – Instant snaps – so those taken with a phone and then a bit of filtering with the app, but now it is mostly photos taken on DSLR’s, of carefully arranged and lit compositions, and photoshopped or snapseed-ed before being IG’d. So I must stop being such a purist and get with the changes!

    • Yes people have really upped the stakes and are producing really beautiful photography. I think iPhones and other phones can still take really good photos, but a careful bit of editing makes all the difference, I love afterlight for changing the exposure and brightening things up x

  2. My favourite platform to tell little stories without having to write a whole blog post! Lovely accounts, some I already know, some I don’t… 🙂

  3. Isn’t Instagram the BEST place for inspiration. Some great choices Cate x

  4. Spotted a few of my favourites in your selection there (what exquisite taste you have!) and a few newbies on my radar. Great eye-candy piece to start the year. xx

    • Happy New Year Tiff! I think we have very similar tastes 🙂 glad you discovered some newbies, I needed an inspiration boost for 2016! x

  5. oh aren’t they all lovely…. mine is such an absolute messy mishmash. But do follow me! https://www.instagram.com/beckygoddardhill/

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