The new grey: green appeal

The new grey: green appeal

*disclosure: Shock horror there are NO white walls in this post! Just bear with me a moment…

Although I will always love my favourite colour grey, I have a little feeling that we’re going to be seeing a lot more green this year. Not only is everyone mad about lush, leafy plants and flowers in the home, but green walls and furniture are fresh, bright and uplifting too. From dark, verdant hues to soft, pastel shades, a touch of green doesn’t need to be daunting and can work with the calmest of interiors. It might be a light feature wall in a kitchen, a cosy velvet sofa in the living room or faded French linen in the bedroom. It looks great as a backdrop to plants and cactuses or you could be a bit more adventurous and create some paint effects on the wall, perhaps a half wall of the colour if you’re a bit hesitant to paint the whole room.

Usually I’m not one for colour, I like soft muted shades that create a relaxed ambience, but a deep, soft green can be equally serene and peaceful. It brings to mind bucolic pastures and meadows, escapes to the countryside, fresh air and healthy vibes. Grey’s been so overdone, so how about it? Here I’ve gathered a bit of green inspiration for your green home:

The new grey: green appeal
this image and main image: photography by Jonas Ingerstedt for Folkhem via Coco Lapine Design
The new grey: green appeal
via DADAA.
The new grey: green appeal
photography by Peter Kragballe and styling by Camilla Tange Peylecke, via Coco Lapine Design and Cereal

All the top Scandi brands are going green, from HAY and String to Muuto and Marimekko, here’s how to get the look:

green appeal
1: String Pocket Shelf in green,, £92.65, 2: Nature 1:1 Pine poster, Paper Collective, The Finnish Design Shop, €36,00, 3: Nerd Chair, Muuto, The Finnish Design Shop, €369,00, 4: Cotton cushion cover, H&M, £3,99, 5: Kaleido small tray, HAY, Skandium, £9,00, 6: Skandinavisk scented candle, Skov, The Finnish Design Shop, €20,00, 7: ABEL emerald green velvet 2-seater sofa, Habitat, £1,200, 8: Weather diary plate, Marimekko, Heal’s, £25,00, 9: Elevated vase, Muuto, Skandium, from £79.00
The new grey: green appeal
image: Society via French By Design Blog
The new grey: green appeal
photography by Jonas Ingerstedt for Folkhem via Coco Lapine Design

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The new grey: green appeal
via vtwonen
The new grey: green appeal
Photography by Marij Hessel via My Attic
The new grey: green appeal
H&M Home via Happy Interior Blog
The new grey: green appeal
Photography by Sara Danielson, styling by Pella Hereby & Marie Ramse, via A Merry Mishap
The new grey: green appeal
via Messagenote
The new grey: green appeal
via Mad & Bolig

What do you think? Has this got you green with envy?

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  2. I love this! I’ve been thinking a lot about green lately and have seen it in so many shows too. A colour we’ll see a lot more of I think!

  3. I adore green. I find it so calming. Interesting to read comments about it working better in countryside properties as I live in the countryside. My livingroom is done in Dulux’s moss blanket and I love it. It’s been that colour for 2 years now and I won’t be changing it anytime soon. These images are gorgeous though and some great product picks too. X

  4. Ummm, I just can’t make up my mind. I do love green as a colour but I think I prefer more earthy greens in period properties rather than brighter greens in more modern surroundings. I think I associate green with country stately homes and can’t quite make the transition to using it in my own home. Beautiful shoots though x

    • I know what you mean, it somehow equates to calm countryside surroundings, perhaps a brighter turquoisy green is a bit more modern and urban

  5. The more subtle greens look calm and serene and not too “in your face” which I like. Especially love the one green wall in the white kitchen. Having said that, I’m in the process of painting every single wall in our house white and love how the green (see! I still have some green in my home!) plants contrast against it 😉 Lovely post and beautiful selection of images. x

    • Oh yes I’m still a lover of white walls and will not part with them, but bits of colour here and there does brighten a place up (even if I just colour with cushions and accessories at the moment!)

  6. Thank you for the mention Cate!!!

  7. I’m so totally on board with this Cate. I love all of the shades you have included. So soft and subtle. Lovely post. x

  8. I am very green with envy and am looking into bringing green into our hallway. I think it could really work and hopefully make for a welcoming and sophisticated entrance to our home 🙂

    • Ooh it would be lovely in an entrance hall, I always think you can be a bit braver in an entrance hall because it’s a much smaller space

  9. Beautiful styling and photography but sorry no , i spent far too many years serving in the army and wearing green. Could never have it in my home.

    Gorgeous post though x

  10. Yes, I’m loving green this year! Your post brings home what a variety of different shades of green there are and how effective they can look.

  11. I definitely saw some white walls there Cate 🙂 You don’t have to convince me of green for 2016. It works perfectly with so many styles of design too. Some lovely images here!

  12. Love green and so of course, I love this post. It has just the most beautiful variations. I seem to love olive the most (I’m naturally drawn to it and it’s a reoccurring theme in my wardrobe) and of course, the deep green of leafy plants but I’m also starting to love that sort of barely-there greeny-grey as well. Yum yum. I choose an olive for my velvet sofa 5 1/2 years ago now (it wasn’t particularly trendy at the time, I didn’t care) and I still absolutely adore it. xx

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