Farrow & Ball new colours 2016

#MyFavouriteNewColour: Farrow & Ball 2016

You may have already heard that Farrow & Ball has released nine handsome new paint colours, coinciding with the paint and wallpaper brand’s Seventieth year. Expanding its ubiquitous palette to 132 paint colours, these nine beauties range from soft, delicate neutrals and muted greys to clean, fresh brights and dark, moody tones. There’s really something for everyone, whether you’re a die-hard fan of Farrow & Ball’s timeless, lighter heritage shades, or someone who likes a splash of bright intensity. There’s even a new shade of grey, proving you can never have too much of a good thing!

Farrow & Ball new colours 2016

Made in its factory in Dorset, Farrow & Ball paints rely on age-old production techniques, original recipes and high levels of rich pigments. Each new hue has been in development for the past three years, carefully crafted to reflect the classic Farrow & Ball aesthetic, and of course, intriguingly named with its own back story. There’s Peignoir, a romantic grey-pink inspired by the elegant chiffon gowns ladies once wore in their boudoirs – perfect for grown-up not girly-pink bedrooms – or Cromarty, a light grey inspired by fine mist from the sea, and Vardo, a rich, bright teal taken from the decoration of Romany wagons or vardos.

Then there’s Shadow White, ‘for devotees of lighter neutrals’, Drop Cloth named after the indispensable painter’s dust sheet and Worsted, their new grey that is stronger than their Purbeck Stone but lighter than Mole’s Breath (I’m assuming you know the whole colour card btw…). On the other end of the scale, you have Salon Drab, a classic 19th century brown that works well with yellow and red (imagine smoke-filled libraries and musty leather chairs), and Yeabridge Green a clean, bold green discovered in the kitchen of a Georgian farmhouse in Somerset, where the original gun cupboard was removed.

And that leaves my favourite, Inchyra Blue, a deep, aged blue-grey that was first used at the classic Georgian Inchyra House in Perth to work with moody Scottish skies. It instantly brings to mind swirling, murky waters, rough seas, nightfall and lightly dullened blue linen. It’s a bit softer than navy blue, appearing dark grey or green in some lights. I think it’s great for hitting that the dark wall trend without going completely utterly dark black or blue – Inchyra Blue is a bit softer and gentler, definitely less harsh, with an almost soft glow about it.

walls: Drop Cloth no. 283, image: Farrow & Ball
walls: Worsted no.284, woodwork: Shadow White no. 282, image: Farrow & Ball

So when Farrow & Ball asked me to pick my favourite new colour and create a moodboard explaining my inspiration behind it, I knew straight away which colour it would be. I began by leafing through magazines, tearing out images that caught my eye, with the Farrow & Ball card nearby to compare shades. Then it was to Pinterest, to bring together a combination of wild landscapes, a selection of earthy, slightly boho interiors, and touches of natural textures beautifully aged with time. I had an image of connecting back to nature, from soft breezes to windy shores, then heading back inside again to snuggle under a thick blanket and watch the storm safe and warm.

Farrow & Ball new colours 2016

Here’s #MyFavouriteNewColour moodboard for the colour Inchyra Blue. A deep stately blue, I think it’s perfect for regal front doors, cosy living rooms and moody Scandi bedrooms. I’d pare it with light shades of grey, rusty hues of red and gold, and plenty of wild greenery.

Farrow & Ball collage - Inchyra Blue
My moodboard for Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue Image sources (l-r, top to bottom): Room with pillar: courtesy Farrow & Ball, Blankets: Toast, Mini vases: Att Pynta, £8 Vases: courtesy Farrow & Ball, image of sea: http://enversdudecor.tumblr.com, Painted canvas headboard: Elle Decoration UK via SF Girl By Bay, Linen skirt: Emerson Fry, Tiles: Smink Things, Table and chair: lovelylife.se, Blankets: The Future Kept, £16, Mountain view: Toast
walls: Drop Cloth no. 283, woodwork: Shadow White no. 282, floor: Manor House Gray, no. 265, image: Farrow & Ball
walls: Inchyra Blue no. 289, ceilings and pillar: Peignoir no. 286, woodwork: Worsted, floor: Worsted, image: Farrow & Ball
walls: Salon Drab, No. 282, woodwork: Yeabridge Green No 287, floor: Plummett No. 282, image: Farrow & Ball

What do you think of the new shades? Do you like Inchyra Blue like me?

You can also enter a competition to win five litres of your favourite Farrow & Ball colour, by sharing a picture on social media or by email using the hashtag #myfavouritenewcolour. Why not create a little moodboard? Find out more and full competition details here.

Farrow & Ball new colours 2016
This post was written in collaboration with Farrow & Ball. Images my own unless otherwise specified 

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  2. Ooh, moody skies and stormy seas… my kind of hues 🙂 x

  3. I love these colours, such a nice palette x

  4. I think drop cloth is my favourite too. Beautiful. x

  5. Lovely moody brooding mood board – and good old Farrow and Ball for such great new colours. I’m liking the look of Drop Cloth a lot, but love all the images and your board for Inchyra Blue too.

  6. Gorgeous mood board, Cate. Love the comparison between Inchyra and the twilight hour. I think it’s my fave colour too from their new releases. Very versatile!x

  7. Beautiful images. I adore the names Farrow & Ball give to their paints and such a wonderful colour palette x

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