Muuto Spring 2016

Muuto: New Nordic, Spring 2016

Last week I was in Stockholm for the furniture fair, the largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting – a haven of clean lines, functional design and muted pastel shades. One of my favourites of the 700-plus exhibitors was Danish brand Muuto, which I’ve written about before. Rooted in Scandinavian tradition, its designs are characterised by a clean aesthetic and craftsmanship, forward-looking materials and fresh creative thinking. The name Muuto comes from ‘muutos’, meaning new perspective in Finnish, hence its aim is to present a new perspective on Scandinavian design.

Here is Muuto’s latest imagery from Spring 2016. Isn’t it dreamy with the textural concrete backdrop and rich palette of colours?


Let me introduce you to some of the pieces. Above is the brilliant mini stacked storage system on the wall by Julien de Smedt, the Airy coffee table by Cecilie Manz, and the Connect sofa, the Oslo Chair and the Five pouf, all by Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll. The sofa comes in 11 different modules for numerous possibilities and is upholstered in a range of rich textiles from Kvadrat. I’m not usually one for colour but I’m loving this red wine shade against the grey surroundings.

The quilted pouf on the right ‘explored the possibility and tension of the pentagon shape. The design process was very much about tailoring; the quilted ribs are seemingly wrapped around the shape and enhance the dynamics of the pentagon. The quilting adds a softness to the seat, and the textiles we have chosen are very responsive to the undulating surface of the cover,’ say its designers.


Above the Fiber side chair by Copenhagen-based studio Iskos-Berlin, made of an innovative bio-composite material with up to 25% wood fibers. They say of the new chair: ‘The Fiber side chair is a natural extension to the expanding Fiber chair family – designed with a clear sculptural language that refuses to compromise on comfort. We wanted to create a friendly, embracing chair with soft, refined curves – inviting you to take a seat.’ Don’t mind if I do.

The Home of Emma and Steven

The BASE table, above, is designed by Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen. The minimalist design comes in laminate or linoleum with an acrylic painted extruded aluminium base. Available in black, it’s a clean and light addition to any modern home. Says Tolvanen: ‘I wanted the table to have its own character but not be imposing. The design aim was to reduce the table to its archetypal form.’

Below are the beautiful Shades vases and bowls, a personal favourite, created by Danish ceramic designer Anne Jorgensen. Made of dyed clay and hand polished, they come in two different sized bowls and a vase. Featuring a faceted pattern – ‘shaped by playing with lines in the clay and the interaction with light,’ she says they’re cast in one piece and burned in a kiln at 1350 degrees, with a smooth surface on the outside and a soft glazed surface on the inside.

Leaf_shades_low-res Fiber-sidechair_stacked_e27_base-table_low-res Visu-wide_7070_grain_restore_low-res

Above are the Grain pendant lamps by Jens Fager, the Reflect sideboard by Søren Rose Studio and the 70/70 table by TAF Architects. The Restore round tray on the table, by Mika Tolvanen, is made of polymer felt from recycled plastic bottles, softly reshaped to give its rounded edges.


I’ll be posting more of my finds from Stockholm Furniture Fair over the next week or so, so check back for the latest products, rising stars to watch and more Scandi highlights.

Images: Muuto, photography: Petra Bindel, Mikkel Tjellesen/ Gils, styling: All the way to Paris/ Pernille Vest

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