Best of... 2018 diaries and planners

Best of… minimal 2018 diaries and planners

While we’re all gearing up to Christmas and getting into the festive spirit, it’s also a good idea to have one eye on the new year to come. I always prefer writing down ideas, thoughts and events by hand rather than typing them out into my phone. Not only does it help me remember things, but there’s that first-day-of-school freshness and hope for the new that comes with paper goods.

Tidying those wires and creating an uncluttered home with Calligaris

So I’ve rounded up my favourite minimal diaries and planners for 2018 – everything from simple print-outs to stick on the wall, through simple notebooks and to-do lists, to classic diaries with plenty of space to jot down ideas. They’re all simply designed, with bold, graphic type and smart, clean pages.

Best of... 2018 diaries and planners

1. Weekly diary 2018, £8.00, HEMA
2. Notable Designs Hightide Les Agenda De L’Annee 2018, £18.00, Tea and Kate, via
3. EVEN work journal by NOTEM Studio, £26.00, Nabo Shop
4. Grey A5 deboss week to view 2018 diary, £12.00, Paperchase
5. Marjolein Delhaas Minimalist Style Basic Planner Diary 2018, £26.00, Life Story, via
6. Marjolein Delhaas Weekly Planner Notepad, £34.00, Tea and Kate, via
7. 2018 small recycled calendar with clip or band, £14.00, The Brown Paper Movement
8. Batik diary, £28-30, Katie Leamon
9. Design Letters weekly planner, £10.00, Selfridges
10. 2018 wall calendar, £20.73, Decoylab via Etsy
11. Marjolein Delhaas classic black diary 2018, £36.00, Tea and Kate
12. Monthly planner notebook, £15.00, Kartotek
13. Personal calendar 2018, £19.95, Debbie Bliss Home, via
14. Wall calendar 2018, £44.00, Kristina Krogh
15. 2018 A5 bonded leather weekly diary in charcoal, £24.00, kikki.K
16. 2018 printable monthly vertical calendar, £11.05, Sacred & Profane via Etsy
17. Marjolein Delhaas. Netherlands Weekly Deskpad A4+, £31.00, Vanil, via

  1. I get such a kick out of getting a new planner and setting it up with birthdays and upcoming events + goals. I got this one:

    I’m in love with the color and I really like the detail of having the date in the center of each square on the monthly view and the lined sections on the daily parts. It’s the little things that make a planner perfect for me.

    • That looks like a lovely one, looks like theres plenty of space for writing down notes, I always make so many marks and doodles I need lots of room! x

  2. These are all really beautiful, but I struggle to find a Family Calendar with columns for each member looking this simple and graphic. The ones I find usually have cute graphics. Muji did a perfect one, but stopped selling it.

    • That is very true, I don’t have a large family so haven’t been on the look out for one. Design Letters do great planners (like no.9), they might have something similar for the family. If I come across anything else I’ll let you know, Cate x

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