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Menu Space, Copenhagen by Norm Architects

Inside the new Menu Space, Copenhagen by Norm Architects

This is the new Menu Space – the showroom, office and cafe of one of my favourite design brands MENU, near the tranquil waters of Nordhavn in Copenhagen. It’s open to the public so if you’re heading to the Danish capital, make sure to visit this raw, industrial space and take in its stunning, minimal setting. Menu Space is designed by Norm Architects with openness, co-working and collaboration in mind. MENU’s goal was to create a spaces for great ideas, where like-minded creatives can work and meet. As well as a working space for MENU’s team, you can stop by for a coffee, a meeting, or just to have a browse and check out MENU’s designs in person. The raw, pared-back setting is inspired by the industrial buildings of the surrounding area of Nordhavn. Polished concrete floors and walls provide the perfect backdrop for MENU’s simple yet wonderfully luxurious designs, while Crittall-style windows and flowing curtains help divide the space. Sculptural lighting and huge plants provide the finishing touches. ‘The space draws heavy inspiration from strong materials …

Travel tips: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen

Travel tips: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen

A while ago in February I went to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art for the first time. Located 25 miles north of Copenhagen (about 45 minutes by train) in Humlebaek, it’s a lovely mid-century modernist building set in the woodland overlooking the Øresund sound, the stretch of water that separates Denmark and Sweden. It’s a very peaceful gallery experience, connected to the landscape and elements outside. And it’s fast become my favourite art gallery in the world. When I had visited Copenhagen previously I had never really had the time to get to Louisiana. But I really wish I had. It’s definitely one of those places that should be top of your list when you visit the Danish capital. I went in February to see an exhibition on the Chinese architect Wang Shu. It was snowing outside and the gallery was a welcome retreat from the cold. The landscape outside looked bleak but beautiful, the large picture-frame windows framing views of the frozen lake on one side and the mysterious waters of the sea on another, as if …

I wish I lived here: a New York-style loft in Copenhagen

This is the super-sleek home of Morton Bo Jensen, the chief designer at Danish design company Vipp, and his graphic designer girlfriend and their super-cute five year old twins. Located on the island of Brygge, an old industrial harbour area in Copenhagen, they live in a New York-style loft which was once a Viking Pencil factory. Just around the corner is BIG’s (Bjarke Ingels Group) public baths on the Copenhagen canal and a series of manufacturing workshops, including Vipp’s headquarters. ‘The apartment was stripped to the bone; I spent a great deal of time reflecting on how I wanted to live. My conclusion was quite simple; function and efficiency must be the starting point, both in the architecture, the interior and the location. I am close to work, and the city. Being located here, I can minimise transport and optimise my daily life with the family,’ explains Jensen.   Inside, the monochrome space is dotted with furniture that Jensen designed himself, from the blacker than black Vipp kitchen island and old kitchen bin to the …

Bolia’s 2015 Lookbook

Bolia is a Danish furniture company with more than 50 designers and over 25 stores across Scandinavia. It’s yet to come to the UK yet (although 75% of sales are exported), but its latest lookbook is a beautiful thing. It’s titled ‘Live, Love, Create’ and is ‘a tribute to originality, creativity and the amazing life we live’. There are more than 250 new products, including designs by new kids on the block, Sofie Samuelson, Morten & Jonas, Joa Herrenknecht and Shinya Ito & Kaori Yamamoto. The style is Nordic, but some designs come with a splash of daring colour while some are inspired by the silhouettes of Japanese designs, with minimalistic and sculptural shapes. They say: The new collection launches with a brand new theme. A celebration of the fundamentals – Love, life and most of all creativity. These are tremendous principle to live by and it’s amazing what happens when you bring them into your every day. A home should be vibrant, original, peculiar and fantastic, brimming with life, full of passion, love and …

Bølgen by MAPT

As you probably know I’m a sucker for all things Scandinavian, and this is no exception. I just wish it had been open when I was in Oslo a few months ago. Danish architects, MAPT, have created a waterside restaurant which features a wave of undulating timber around the facade of the building. The restaurant was completed earlier this year before the partners of MAPT decided to split into two practices; Lendager Arkitekter and Arcgency.  Images: Dezeen

Theresa Himmer

Danish artist Theresa Himmer, who studied in both Aarhus and New York, has created a series of sequined graffiti installations on the facades of various buildings in Reykjavik. The ‘Mountain’, ‘Glacier’, and ‘Volcano’ series are a result of Himmer’s response to the Icelandic landscape and “extracted from the commercial world, they serve as a critique of the increasing and disturbing commodification of Icelandic nature”. The Sequin system comes from advertisement billboards, but has been put together in an alternative context in order to shimmer and dazzle, like a landscape reacts to changes in wind and light. Her work adds another layer to these urban walls, making the city dweller observant of their impact on the surrounding environment.  See: Theresa Himmer

Your Rainbow Panorama by Olafur Eliasson

Whilst compiling an ever expanding list of things to see and do for my forthcoming trip to Scandinavia, my friend and I came across this interesting project by artist Olafur Eliasson. ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’ is a new installation featuring a colourful elevated circular viewing platform that offers a 360º view of the city of århus, Denmark. The 150m round structure sits atop the ARoS Museum of Art, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen in 2007, and acts as a visual compass for the city with the colours marking the physical location of the visitor. Images: Design Boom