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Image courtesy: by Lassen

Your Home Needs This: by Lassen’s Kubus 4 candleholder

For this week’s ‘Your Home Needs This’, I’m looking at by Lassen’s Kubus 4 candleholder – a classic design you’ll have seen over and over again in beautifully styled Scandinavian homes. Designed by Danish architect Mogens Lassen, a pioneer of Danish Functionalism, the Kubus 4, as the name suggests, is a minimal cube-shaped frame topped with four slender cylinders for candles. Like many designs it took a while to come into fruition, finally taking the shape we know and love in 1962. But, good things come to those who wait. It may have been created over 50 years ago, but the Kubus 4 shows no sign of going out of fashion or losing its allure – for me, it’s a truly timeless design that would not look out of place in the portfolios of many young contemporary designers making waves out there today. Lassen designed the Kubus 4 as a reaction against the overtly decorative and elaborative candleholders found in homes of the time. Inspired by the Bauhaus and its geometric shapes, he believed good …

I wish I lived here: soft shades of grey in Sweden

I wish I lived here: soft shades of grey in Sweden

I’m getting serious kitchen and bathroom envy here. How beautiful and calm is this three-bedroom flat in Gothenburg, Sweden? I certainly wish I lived here. The light flooding in, the soft shades of grey, the lime washed floorboards, the big connecting rooms, the list is endless, and that hexagonal marble floor in the bathroom, swoon! Most of all, I like the kitchen, with its simple, handle-less doors and smart marble worktop; I’m not sure if I could keep it all that clean but it looks a dream. I like how it doesn’t look to kitchen-y – all the appliances and kitchen clutter hidden away – in fact I can hardly see that hob it is so discreet. Definitely writing notes for my next kitchen. And the bathroom… oh so smart and oh so white. Really lovely and light, with the white walls, modern sanitary ware and a hammam-style floor; it looks like somewhere you could really pamper yourself even though it’s probably a really small space. That’s a great space saving idea – if you have a …

Gray & Willow accessories

Introducing… Gray & Willow

If you like relaxed Scandi-style homes and laid-back linens then you’re going to love House of Fraser’s new lifestyle brand Gray & Willow. Launching in September, and designed and curated in-house, Gray & Willow’s aesthetic is tactile, effortless, versatile, calm and considered – think acacia wood and terracotta kitchen essentials, white marble serveware, organically shaped, glazed ceramics and grey ticking bedding. The laid-back style is completed with hand-crafted bubble glass vases, eco-friendly bamboo fibres and wool cushions, as well as a womenswear collection inspired by the Nordic landscape, lava flows and textural bark. The use of soft, tonal textures in a soothing palette of oatmeal, ivory and grey has a cocooning effect while understated shapes and graphic lines give the home a new energy. For textiles the beauty is in the layering, combining timeless washed slub cotton yarns and linen fibres with brushed flannel for an organic quality with a lovingly laid-back feel. Interwoven twill weaves achieve a textured finish which is naturally adept at draping, says Sue Roberts, director home design Prices range from dinnerware from £6, through £16 for a set of …


I wish I lived here: all white is alright in Gothenburg

I love the cleanliness of fresh white walls, just like in this white home in Gothenburg. The space looks so light and airy, especially with the painted white floorboards in the kitchen and sanded floorboards in the living space. It sets off those black Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs and mid-century dining table nicely – I often think furniture like that looks best against a plain backdrop. And you know how I can’t resist a set of String shelves! Normally you would think to put them halfway between the floor and ceiling, but I quite like how they are positioned just off the ground, in a row of three, with space for posters above. It almost gives the impression of a sideboard, but much lighter and minimal. A beautiful Scandi space, but could you live with all white walls? All images Anders Bergstedt for Entrance


I wish I lived: shades of grey in Stockholm

I do love a good grey (after all, my boyfriend’s surname even translates as ‘The Grey’ in English, though I can’t say that’s the only reason I’m going out with him…!) and this Stockholm apartment has plenty – I’m desperately trying to avoid referencing 50 Shades, but I couldn’t resist with the title… There’s the deep grey of the kitchen units, the dappled white marble of the worktop, the soft grey linen sofa and the muted tones of the bedroom – I love it all. It’s so hard to get the right shade of grey – in some lights they can look brown or purple, while in others they can look cold and harsh. A good tip I learnt was to test the paint out in the corner of the room, that way you can see what it will look like on two walls at once, and often two walls with different lighting conditions (my favourite is French Grey by Little Greene). This apartment’s got it spot on though and the grey’s not too overpowering, carefully balanced …


I wish I lived here: a calming Scandinavian home with a festive touch

Just a quick post today. While searching for Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decor for my tree this year, I came across this calming Swedish home on the property website Stadshem. Here, they have kept the decorations to a bare minimum, but there’s still a hint of festivity, with a mini potted fir tree in the living room as well as sprouting hyacinth bulbs in glass jars on the dining room table. I immediately did the same at home this weekend using old Bonne Maman jam jars; super simple and super easy. They make a very quick but beautiful centrepiece for the Christmas table, especially if you add the odd tealight to bounce light off the shiny glass. Aside from the vaguely Christmas spirit, I love the stripped floorboards and white walls, made cosy with the patterned cushions and a scattering of HAY side tables. Images: Stadshem, styled by Emma Hos


New additions from H&M home

Last weekend I made a trip to H&M home for the first time and was positively impressed. I had never really seen its homeware collection before, the stores in London are mainly dedicated to its clothing, but they had a lovely range of colourful additions for the home, from cushion covers to placemats, ornaments and objects, and bathroom accessories. It was almost like a condensed version of Ikea, without the furniture, queues and Swedish meatballs. I picked up some lovely linen cushions for the bargain price of £6.99 (I had previously seen very similar ones in Merci in Paris) and some cheerful napkins, which will be perfect for summer picnics. Have a look at my top picks after the break!    My Top Picks From left to right, above to below: 1 Storage basket, 2 Cushion cover 40×70, 3 Linen cushion cover, 4 Linen cushion cover, 5 Glass vase, 6 Storage basket, 7 Cotton cushion cover, 8 Cotton cushion cover, 9 Tealight holder

Just K by Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen

Just K by Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen

German studio Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen have designed this five-storey house in Tübingen, Germany. The grey facade is clad in rubber, which meets with raised seams, accentuating the envelope of this membrane-covered roof. The interior is clad with exposed softwood, forming an open living area on the ground floor, and wrapping up the stairs to create the bedrooms above. The house is fairly adaptable and can change according to the occupiers needs, for example two separate tenants could live in the building as there is a staircase to the first floor. This has been a trend that has been increasing with popularity in new build houses, does it create a warm, natural look for an interior, or are architects forsaking sustainability in favour of image? Images: Dezeen