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Muuto grey armchair - 10 minimal, grey armchair under £500

10 minimal, Scandinavian-style armchairs for under £500

I’m on the hunt for a new, minimal, grey armchair for my living room. We already have this vintage, mid-century number – a bargain find from eBay (see it here in my living room makeover) – but we need another one to go opposite the sofa to even the space out and fill that empty corner. So that when we have friends over there’s plenty of seats to go around and we don’t feel like we’re all squished in a row on the sofa looking at one wall. Or someone invariably gets the short straw and ends up sitting on a hard dining chair brought in from the kitchen. It’s a fairly small space and we don’t want something too overpowering – just a simple design, most probably in grey, with bold, clean lines and minimal, well-designed details. Not too much to ask for you would think, but a small budget makes it a little trickier to find just the right thing at an affordable price. So I’ve scoured the internet and picked out the best buys for under £500 in case …

+Halle by Form Us With Love

On my radar: new furniture finds for November

Hello… I’m back from three weeks in Australia! And the blog now deserves a little love. I tried to make a conscious effort to disconnect from the web (bar the odd instagram post of course…) and not check my emails everyday. I hadn’t had a proper holiday in ages, and with all the stresses of the renovation, I really needed a break. We’re all constantly sharing and connected that sometimes it’s good to take a step back, take stock and revaluate what it is we’re doing. I hope I can now come back to the blog refreshed, ready to give you some lovely, fresh content. It’s also meant that on my return there was lots of new design and furniture finds sitting in my inbox waiting to be shared with you! So, I thought I’d share one of my ‘On the Radar’ posts with four new minimal product launches to watch out for. Enjoy… Dowel Jones Dowel Jones is a young design studio set up in 2013 by Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch in Melbourne, Australia. Funny that …