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Muuto 70/70 table in green - modern Scandinavian design dining table - plants in the home

My Muuto 70/70 table – modern Scandinavian design dining table

When I revealed my kitchen makeover, I didn’t say much about my dining table, the focus was much more on the transformation of the space and the design of the kitchen units. But, the table is so beautiful and I’m so pleased with it, I thought it deserved a post of its own. Now many of you who have read this blog a while or even a little, may well know by now how much I like to stay in my familiar comfort zone of white walls and soft, light – mostly grey – colours. It’s an approach I’ve tried and tested and feel the happiest with – using neutral backdrops and adding interest and texture with furniture, rugs, artwork and plants. But, with grey kitchen units, light grey walls and painted white floorboards in the kitchen, I wanted something a little different to my usual choice for my dining table. I didn’t want more grey, or something black and heavy, nor something white that would visually fade away into the space. So I went for green! It’s not …


Ikea’s SINNERLIG collection by Ilse Crawford

Have you seen Ilse Crawford’s new SINNERLIG collection for Ikea? I popped over to the Tottenham store last week and boy is the collection a beauty – you’re in for a treat! Comprised of more than 30 pieces for the home, the collection includes tactile cork dining tables and stools, hand-blown glass bottles, woven baskets and stoneware vases. The pieces, in typical Ilse Crawford fashion, aim to engage with the senses and connect us to our homes. As such, all the objects are designed to have more than one function; the furniture is flexible and can easily swap and change, for example from desk or work bench by day to dining table by night. And they don’t just look good, the collection feels good too. Says Crawford: ‘They are helpful, background pieces, not showstoppers. We worked with cork, ceramic, glass, seagrass and bamboo; tactile materials that appeal to use because they feel as good as they look.’ On a Friday afternoon trip to IKEA, I couldn’t resist this bulbous, dark grey stoneware jug and a dark cork placemat/plant pot stand, which I’ve styled here with some new …


Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plant Colour Pop

This month, Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of have tasked the Urban Jungle Bloggers with making our plants pop with colour – #plantcolourpop! This time they wanted to see just one plant to contrast it with the #plantgang edition last month (which I sadly missed out on due to a super hectic May and June – boo!). At first I was a little daunted by the task, what, colour – I don’t do colour! Surely, grey counts as a colour right…?! After some thought, at one point considering pinning up some colourful wrapping paper onto the wall, I found these cute vintage Japanese paper decorations in a small shop in Exmouth Market. They definitely have the ‘pop’ factor, and just that little bit of colour so it doesn’t make me completely freak out! The first plant I photographed was a new cactus I bought the other week from Columbia Road Flower Market. It just screamed out to me, it is SO cute – I think it looks like it’s a teeny hand, with the nodules on the top. It’s so small I put it …


Styling a little botanical corner with Laura Ashley

The botanical trend is everywhere at the moment, and I love playing my own part each month with Urban Jungle Bloggers, a monthly series all about living with plants – in your home, in other interiors and in public spaces. Since joining in I’ve collected lots of different types of plants I would never have thought to buy before and it really does make the house feel alive. Now I have little pockets of green dotted around the flat, on windowsills, on bookshelves, in the bathroom and on the coffee table. They bring life and colour to my mainly white-walled surroundings, and also give me something to nurture and look after. I now get ridiculously excited when I see a new stalk or bud growing and buy a new plant whenever I pass the florist (which is probably quite a lot!).  So when the lovely people at Laura Ashley approached me and suggested styling a botanical corner, I couldn’t wait to give my plants some love, care and attention. Plants look great in clusters, their different shapes and sizes, colours and …


Plants in the Home on Pinterest

I’ve been pinning away to my hearts content – this time with a new Pinterest board titled ‘Plants in the Home‘. There’s so many beautiful images on there that I thought I would share a few on here – there’s shelfies and exquisitely styled dressing tables, alfresco dining tables and macrame hanging planters. I already have a few small succulents (I’ve managed to kill a few in my time) and house plants dotted around the flat, and lately I’ve been concentrating on the balcony, but this has made me want a proper, big, dramatic cactus in the living room, or a fern, or ivy, so many ideas (there’s also Urban Jungle Bloggers of course for heaps of inspiration)! Anyway, please do pop over and join me on Pinterest (I’ve now got over 155,000 followers, I really can’t believe it…). Follow Cate’s board PLANTS IN THE HOME on Pinterest. via Audrey Yap via Design Milk via vtwonen via seesaw via mundadaa via Etsy via Design Love Fest via Ikea via Ikea via Simon Bajada


Urban Jungle Bloggers: Easter

The theme this month for Urban Jungle Bloggers – the monthly series hosted by two bloggers, Igor Happy Interior Blog and Judith, that aims to bring some greenery into our homes  – is Easter. As Spring is definitely in the air, I wanted to style an Easter table dotted with some of the lovely, scented blooms that have been blossoming on my small urban balcony. I’m not very religious but Easter for me is a time for new life and fresh beginnings. It’s been so satisfying to see hyacinth, crocus and daffodil bulbs transform from tiny green peaks to beautiful flowers; it also seemed a shame to keep them on the balcony, where their scent can’t be appreciated and where I hardly get to enjoy them after long work days. As they’ve been slowly springing up, I’ve been snipping stems or taking whole bulbs out of their tubs to scatter around the house in glass jars or bottles (although keeping them attached to their bulb does make them last longer) – it’s lovely having a hint of Spring in the house, even when the skies …

Toast and Botany

Stop Look Listen: Three things to do this week

I’ve been lagging behind on the Stop, Look, Listen posts (no excuse, smack on the wrist…), but here’s a cracker for this week: an unmissable pop-up between Toast and east London plant and lifestyle store Botany, an exhibition all about how fashion change and flourished during the war, and a show of photographs taking a behind-the-scenes look at Alexander McQueen’s work. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the sun comes out to shine! STOP What: Toast and Botany pop-up Where: TOAST, 191 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W11 2S When: for 6 weeks from 21 March One of my favourite clothing and homeware brands Toast is teaming up for a pop-up with independent plant and lifestyle store Botany. If you haven’t visited Botany before, it’s definitely worth a trip east to Chatsworth Road. Nestled in the heart of Hackney’s creative community, Botany houses a carefully curated selection of ethically sourced hand-crafted products, organic skincare and paper goods, alongside an abundance of indoor plant life – from unusual succulents, cacti and house plants. And for six weeks, a little of this urban …


Urban Jungle Bloggers: hanging planters

A day late but here is my Urban Jungle Bloggers post for this month, with the theme Hanging Planters. At first I was a bit stumped by the theme, I didn’t really have anywhere in the house to hang a planter (the curtain rail was one option but I didn’t want to take the risk of it falling down on me!) and I’m not really one for DIY. Give me a job like changing the lightbulb or doing some wallpapering and I’m fine; I’m a dab hand with polyfilla and I once took the bathroom door off it’s hinges, held it up against the bath and sawed the bottom off when it was sticking to the floor! But little, fiddly DIY projects nah. Thoughts did pop into my head, like yes, I’m going to weave my own hanging planter, but let’s face it that was never going to happen (although having seen Joelix’s post, there’s a use for fish-net tights I thought I would never see…). Instead I got two old glass yoghurt pots (these are …


Urban Jungle Bloggers: Coffee and Plants

This is the first time I’ve joined in with Igor’s (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith’s ( Urban Jungle Bloggers series. Urban Jungle Bloggers is all about living with plants – in your home, in other interiors and in public spaces. Their aim is to highlight the beauty and benefits of houseplants and other greeneries in urban spaces. It’s also about creating a green community of like-minded individuals and bloggers to share ways of making our lives greener. This month’s theme was coffee and plants: that precious moment of joy and pleasure when you sit down, either mid-morning or at the end of the day, take time to relax and unwind, usually with a warming drink in hand (that ah tetley’s moment!). I’m both a tea and a coffee drinker, I would be lost without my espresso in the morning, but also like a weak, smoky Earl Grey in the afternoon too. At first coffee and plants may sound like an odd coupling, but certainly in my house, where you lay a cup down, there’s sure to be a plant there too. It …