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I’ve been seeing the colour soft pink EVERYWHERE, especially in interiors, on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as in the pages of my favourite magazines – Kinfolk and the latest issue of Milk Decoration, to name two. I’m not talking about a tacky Barbie pink or a girly baby pink, but a grown-up dusty, almost dirty, pink. And I’ve been seriously considering painting a wall or a whole room in this dreamy colour, partly after seeing LapinBlu’s half-wall of pink and partly because of the gorgeous colour combinations seen in this beautiful new boutique hotel in Paris from a post a couple of weeks ago (see it here).

As I’m not usually that daring with colour – light grey and white is as far as I’ve gone at home so far – soft pink is a great way to add a bit of colour for the colour-nervous. It’s perfect for bedrooms because it’s very calming and soft, not overpowering and looks fab with other light, muted colours such as white, grey and duck egg blue. I also like the idea of just painting accents, such as the back of a shelf or perhaps a skirting board. What do you think? Would you go pink?

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I’ve also made a Pinterest board of pale pink interiors to get you inspired, hop along and have a look!

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