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#thesimpleeveryday a round-up – September 2016

#thesimpleeveryday - a new hashtag on instagram started by @catesthill

It’s been a month now since I started #thesimpleeveryday hashtag on Instagram, I’ve loved seeing you share your everyday calm, minimal moments, so I thought I’d do a little round-up of my favourite images that have been shared so far.

As a reminder, #thesimpleeveryday is all about seeking a moment of calm in the mundane of the everyday – to take a moment out of our busy schedules to simply slow down and appreciate the little things. It’s finding a way to uplift our daily lives, whether it’s focusing more intently on everyday rituals, savouring a little quiet time to ourselves in a busy day, or simply being more aware of the spaces we’re inhabiting.

Really, it’s about simply celebrating the everyday but also to trying to find simplicity every day. I’ve certainly found it’s helped me focus everyday, to clear some of the clutter in my brain and be more conscious of what I buy, where I go and what I do. For example, it’s trying not to flick through my phone when I’m having a cup of coffee but actually enjoy the taste of it, or walking down the street and actually looking up at the buildings around me instead of being in a daze as I mentally prepare endless to-do lists in my head.

It’s also about reevaluating the things we really need in life and embracing a slightly more pared-back lifestyle, and as with a lot of my thoughts, that often means interiors! I’m not about to go all Marie Kondo on you, but as I design my own house and think about how I want to decorate it, I’m starting to think about living with less, but also living with things that are simply designed and can stand the test of time  – think soft, natural textures that are tactile to touch, cleverly designed, well crafted furniture that has nothing superfluous added onto it and calming colours that don’t clash or shout with each other. I always liked this quote from William Morris: ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

So, there’s over 200 images in #thesimpleeveryday feed now, including these beauties that caught my eye…

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image anni.d.photo

Soft autumnal hues and a beautifully simple composition from @anni.d.photo

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image hegeinfrance

Shadow play as the light streams in by @hegeinfrance

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image designhunter_uk

A calm moment after London Design Festival appreciating good design from @designhunter_uk

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image curatedisplay

Pale wooden tables and potted plants from @curatedisplay spotted out and about at 100%Norway at LDF

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image adaywithv

New beginnings and a love of nature from @adaywithv

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image septemberedit

Less is more but greenery in the home is a must for those calm vibes, from @septemberedit

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image lauren__greene

Concrete texture at the Corson Auditorium from @lauren__greene

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image katgotthecream

Appreciating the joy of new shoes from @katgotthecream

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image contemporary_life

Slowly savouring a cuppa by @contemporary_life

#thesimpleeveryday hashtag on instagram - image thesefourwallsblog

All white is all right, especially if there’s candles and Kinfolk involved, from @thesefourwallsblog

Do go check out all these Instagram accounts if you have a moment, they really are very lovely and some of my absolute all-time faves for calm, minimal inspiration.

Will you be joining in with #thesimpleeveryday? If you find a moment of simplicity and a sense of calm in the everyday, simply upload an image onto Instagram and tag it with #thesimpleeveryday hashtag. It could be a warming cup of coffee you like to savour in the morning, the autumnal sunshine streaming in in the afternoon and brightening your day, or a minimal scene at home that’s giving you a sense of calm in an otherwise hectic day. I’ll be sharing my favourites once again on the blog next month and can’t wait to see what inspires you.

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  1. A lovely reminder in words and pictures to take some time to savour the moment and slow down x

  2. Gorgeous images! And such a lovely hashtag. So important to just sit back and appreciate the little things when life is so hectic. Love it. x

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